Review: Ringside Fish House


In 2011, the Ringside Fish House opened downtown, on the second floor of the Fox Tower. The space had previously housed Ringside Steakhouse during their extensive remodel. It overlooks Director’s Park, and in the evening when the shades go up, it’s fun to watch the lights dance through the glass canopy, occasionally … [Read more...]

Review: Bar Avignon

Washington mussels, white wine, cream, tarragon

From the moment you walk into Bar Avignon the atmosphere wraps its arms around you. A long bar stretches the length of the restaurant, an easy place to feel comfortable if you are dining alone.  In the front, a small group of tables holds about 20, and a few raised booths make up the back. If you are in a group, a … [Read more...]

Review: Nel Centro

Nel Centro

On a cool evening a few months ago, I sat with friends on the patio at Nel Centro. Three fire pits allowed heat to drift across our table. The flames, reflected in window after window of the hotel, were sometimes three layers deep. Sheltered from the transit mall, it was a little oasis. Vines climbed nearby walls, the … [Read more...]

Review: Tabla Mediterranean Bistro

Tabla Restaurant Portland Oregon

[Updated 10.12. - new prices and various other updates] Since I reviewed Tabla in 2006, it has been through a few transitions. Chef Anthony Cafiero has left, and though the menu seems slightly less complex, the restaurant is still quite good, drawing regular crowds of happy diners. Tabla may feel like a local, … [Read more...]

Review: Clyde Common

Clyde Common Restaurant Portland

Many restaurants are emblematic of certain eras in the cities they inhabit. Think of the well known Brasserie Lipp in Paris in the 1920's, when artists and writers milled about, drinking cheap red wine and eating hearty sausages and stews, while Ernest Hemingway jotted it all down on paper for posterity. Or the … [Read more...]

Review: Habibi


Habibi Until fairly recently, the Long Island Pizzaria (sic) on SW Morrison was a popular if dingy dive for young or otherwise thrifty people hungry for New York style pie heavy on the tomato, cheese and oil. The surprise inside was that the Lebanese couple running the place also offered a short but essential list of … [Read more...]

Review: Aladdin’s Café

Cafe Aladdin outdoors

Updated 10.12 - Note: Based on my past few experiences, this restaurant has gone downhill. Your experience may vary from this review. If not, please comment! There have been a few rumors floating around about Aladdin Café lately. I decided to make some return visits and update my review from last winter, and I'm … [Read more...]