Review: Andina – Restaurant of the Year 2009

Causa at Andina Portland

(minor updates 3/2013) With the myriad of restaurants opening in Portland every year, it is easy to forget some of the older ones, which often are better than the latest gastronomic trend-setters. In my opinion, Andina is one of these, a restaurant that rarely disappoints, always intrigues and provides a great … [Read more...]

Review: Giorgio’s


Note: This review is quite old, and, from my recent experience, is no longer valid. I no longer recommend it. It's an incredibly fertile time for the Portland restaurant scene; there has been an absolute flurry of openings in the last year or so. We haven't seen so much activity since, well, last year's flurry of … [Read more...]

Review: Teardrop Cocktail Lounge

Teardrop Lounge

As I was doing research for this review in my father's old bar notebook, I came across a list of ingredients labeled "always have on hand". What especially interested me were incidentals like falernum, cassis, five types of bitters, orange flower water, Herbsaint, and tepache. They were standard ingredients back in … [Read more...]

Cupcake Jones

Cupcake Jones

It's not like me to be so Johnny-on-the-spot when it comes to the new stuff in town. For example, I got to Clyde Common for the first time just last week (and really liked it, by the way. And the fact that we scored an extra dessert due to a mistake by the kitchen didn't make me cry, either.) But in an … [Read more...]

Review: Madena of the Pearl


Updated 8/08 You know when you are near Madena because the air becomes redolent with spices. Unfortunately, the promise in the air doesn't always reflect in the food that comes to your table. Portland has several good Lebanese restaurants, but now Madena brings this cuisine to the Pearl District. How does this … [Read more...]

Review: Vault Martini

Vault Martini portland

- refreshed 2/12 The first time I walked into Vault Martini I was stunned. Just a few short months before I had been in the Vespa dealership in the same space revisiting a trip to Italy. At that time the building was a dark, dank, greasy, concrete box. Now that Vault had taken over it was transformed. There was no … [Read more...]