Review: Koji Osakaya


[Koji's now has over 6 locations in the Portland area and an outpost in Seattle. This review only refers to the downtown Portland location on SW Broadway, and the NE 15th and Weidler location near Lloyd Center] Although Koji's was never what I'd call grade ‘A' Japanese food, for many years it was one of my old … [Read more...]

Review: Bijou Cafe

New/Classy/Veggie You can be healthy/progressive and be a "real" restaurant! The best way to sum up the Bijou Cafe's standing in Portland's breakfast scene is this: Out of 36 restaurants listed in Frommer's Portland guide, only three serve breakfast: the Heathman, Peanut Butter & Ellies (which made it as a … [Read more...]

Review: Fat City Cafe


Here's how you do a Breakfast with the Fellas. You meet too damn early on a weekday, 'cause fellas have to work. You can't meet on a weekend, because fellas have to sleep, or they have to get up and do stuff that isn't a breakfast with the fellas. You show up on time so you can give a load of crap to the guy who … [Read more...]

Review: Baker and Spice


<updated 5.12> Baker and Spice is nowhere near my house, yet I seem to have developed quite a knack for inventing errands that take me to or near its Hillsdale location. "Ummmm… I need to go to Fred Meyer. Yes, the six other Fred Meyer stores closer to home were plumb out of tulip bulbs, so I had to cruise out … [Read more...]

Review: Westcafe


Westcafé is a a sunny downtown outpost offering brunch, lunch, dinner, happy hour, coffee, take-out, snacks, cocktails, and dog-walking (just kidding on that last one). I am often in that neighborhood, and had been walking by Westcafé for months this past summer, curious to see what was going into the massive space. … [Read more...]

Cacao Chocolate Shop


By Cuisine Bonne Femme and Joanna Miller There are shops that sell chocolate and then there are Chocolate Shops. The latter, if they are first-rate, can inspire even the most hardened and cynical among us. Take this recent email for example: To: Cuisine Bonne Femme From: Food Dude Marked: URGENT!!!! Drop … [Read more...]

Review: Café du Berry


So I'm writing a breakfast book, and this raises a lot of questions in my head: What's the purpose of the book (other than having fun and making money)? What do I do about places I don't like? What is it that people like in a place, anyway? What should I report on? Is the food everything? What if the food stinks but … [Read more...]

Review: Brazil Grill


[Refreshed 9.14 with updated menu items, prices and a few minor changes. However I haven't been back here for some time, so can't speak to the current quality of the food.] For those who have spent time in Brazil, it has always seemed strange there is no Brazilian-style grill in Portland. Almost every major city has … [Read more...]