Troubles at Quartet Restaurant?

It sounds like there is trouble in paradise. A lawsuit for fraud was filed yesterday against the South Waterfront restaurant Quartet, saying mismanagement is causing it to “hemorrhage money”.

Roy Jay
Quartet LLC; Frank Taylor; Paul Keeler; Keeler Hospitality Group LLC, an Arizona company; Taylor Hospitality Group LLC
8/20/2013 1308-12091
Fraud lawsuit. Defendants mismanaged the South Waterfront restaurant Quartet, causing it to “hemorrhage” money. Defendant Keeler, who also runs the restaurant Portland Prime, talked plaintiff into investing in Quartet by falsely claiming he was qualified to open another high end restaurant. $570,000.

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  1. zumpie says

    Well if by “paradise” you mean predicted as a full on failure from moment one and run by two guys who previously never paid their bills, etc…BTW….my friend worked there—quit after the fourth bounced paycheck. My source also tells me everything was COD, if they didn’t have the cash for deliveries, they just did without for the week. And when the opening GM quit, he was owed about $10K

  2. Foodworthy says

    We ate there when they first opened and enjoyed the staff despite the kitchen’s shortcomings.When they started leaving in droves we figured something was up. Time to move to a new town fellas.

  3. jimster says

    Went to a happy hour once just to check and see whether our suspicions were going to be confirmed. Other than a very well made Manhattan I would describe what went on as some combination of dishonesty, self-delusion and incompetence.

  4. jdawg says

    Try working there. Tips are kept to pay his monthly bills. The employees are owed a month of tips right now. Paychecks constantly bounce. Always out of food. Look into the truth. Its a disaster!

  5. Moro says

    If anyone does business with frank taylor with all the information available, you are a fool. I worked for him and keeler at prime, it doesn’t take long to figure out they’re out of their league. Frank’s history of failure runs deep, I can only hope that it ends here and he doesn’t move on to the next city and start his pattern again hurting even more people financially

    • zumpie says

      To be fair, they already have other options: BOLI takes a verrrrry dim view of failing to pay employees properly and you can take action through them. Additionally, if employees aren’t being paid, they have every right to quit AND collect unemployment. Not being paid is considered “good cause” for leaving employment

  6. Table 4-4 says

    The food was never good. They went super cheap on the Chef.No offense but way to big of an operation for that guy.

  7. Tommy says

    I haven’t made it in to Quartet, but having perused the menu on their website, I can’t say that I’m all that surprised. Filet mignon? Crab cakes? Freakin’ Bananas Foster??? This might have passed for fancy restaurant fare forty years ago… In Omaha, maybe. Do these guys have any idea who their demographic is? Add to the weirdly outdated menu the seemingly totally confused business model, cheesy logo, gift cards available right there on the website (high class right there, that is!), and I’m kind of impressed that they’ve lasted this long. I’m also kind of tempted to hit up their happy hour for some of those $7 “pommes frites” and see the train wreck up close…

  8. Disappointed says

    Received a $100 gift certificate for Quartet restaurant and come to find it’s permanently closed. Where can get a refund!?

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