Wafu to Host Preview Dinners

Thought this was interesting enough to post:

WAFU, the joint project of Chef Trent Pierce (Fin) and ChefStable (Ping, Grüner, St Jack, Foster Burger), is excited to host a series of preview dinners in mid-August.  WAFU, which means Japanese style, is a new Japanese restaurant, one that combines old and new techniques with traditional and nontraditional ingredients in the spirit and style of Japan.

We have brought on board bar manager Alan Akwai (23Hoyt, Central, St Jack) who will focus on the “Japanese style” of cocktailing.  What this translates into is American pre-prohibition cocktails made by using modern products such as special ice, tools and traditional Japanese bartending techniques to produce a cocktail that is clean and pure.  These are simple cocktails that taste much more complex because of the methods used to produce them.

We are currently accepting reservations for preview dinners on Wednesday, August 17 andThursday, August 18.  Examples of some Chef Trent’s dishes that may be on offer are Gokujan Black Butter Pork Belly with snap pea, mint & scallion ranch, and butter lettuce; Robata Quail with quail egg, pancetta, sweet miso plum, cucumber pickle, taré, and rice; and Dan Dan Noodles with Sichuan lamb sausage, pistachio, bottarga, and mint. We will also provide cocktail pairings, and the bar will be open. The cost is $60 per person, which includes gratuity.

Preview dinner reservations can be made here.

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  1. whathef says

    So, let me get this right, these are $60. a person ‘preview’ diners (paid in advance by credit card). Is the restaurant open for business? Is the quality and service at the level one should expect from a normal restaurant service?

    It’s unclear, is this ‘preview’ simply a special meal, or are they receiving payment at the same time as working the kinks out of an opening venture?

    • Hunter says

      It’s a soft opening whathef. This group always does them. St. Jack did the same thing. There will only be a few things available, but plenty of drinks. If you’re concerned they’re not firing on all cylinders yet, don’t go. They’ll open soon enough.

      • whathef says

        A soft opening is usually when a restaurant opens quietly, without press or fanfare to allow the kitchen and staff to work out kinks and get everyone working together well. Usually they make up for shortcomings by sending out something extra.

        Whatever this is – it isn’t a soft opening – it seems to be a very loud one.

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