What!? Thanksgiving? No…!

FallWhy yes, it is that time again. A time when the days grow shorter, the nights colder, and the pretty little fall leaves spiral gracefully down, crushed by the jackboots of our lives. The holidays are fast approaching – I think it was Charles Shultz who said, “Christmas is almost over, and it isn’t even summer yet!” On the other hand, it might have been me; I haven’t always been known as an eternal optimist.

Anyway, if you would like your restaurant event included in the Thanksgiving roundup this year, now is the time to fill out the form. I probably won’t have time to cull all the press releases, so to guarantee that your event is included, please take a moment to fill out the form; you will find it here. It will magically vanish on Monday November 12th, so be sure to get your event information to me by then.

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