Beer Roundup for November


I've collected a few thoughts since October's Hopfest at HUB and instead of writing a handful of smaller posts collected the scattered information into one post. The Old Market Pub & Brewery - Not bad, not great, worth a second visit I had very low expectations for The Old Market Pub & Brewery, located on … [Read more...]

Hop Harvest: The flavors hit the woof

I don’t think I’m alone in expressing my disappointment at how quickly beer ran out at the recent Fresh Hop Beer “Tastival” held at Hopworks Urban Brewery. In fact, here’s a post from BrewPublic that pretty much mirrors my own experience. Waiting in long lines for a specific beer only to be told said beer [cough … [Read more...]

Two grand beers for the end of summer


Reviewing beer is such a subjective matter. Every beer lover I know has their own tastes - I definitely have mine. There are some beers I'll never try or drink again. But that doesn't mean that the beer was necessarily bad - it just wasn't my cup of tea - or pint being the case. Sure, you'll still get the occasional … [Read more...]

Inversion IPA: Summer every day beer

By "Schlockstar" What's that one beer you seem to drink all summer long? The old standby that you can turn to day in and day out, every week, old faithful, never disappointing the taste buds? Everyone has their favorite. Mine? Deschutes' Inversion IPA. I remember reading about it a couple years back and anxiously … [Read more...]