Interview: Steven Smith Teamaker

Smith Teamaker - Set up for tasting

"Portland is a beverage town," Steve Smith says simply.  And his beverage of choice is -- and always has been-- tea. Back in the early 1970s, Smith started Stash Tea, which sold teas and herbal infusions to natural food stores. The company grew to the point where  it was sold to a Japanese tea company in 1993; tea … [Read more...]

Interview – Billy Wilson: Barista Coffee

Billy Wilson - Barista Coffee

Sure, you thought that you’ve been in Portland’s hippest coffee shops, sipped on single-origin French press while enjoying the pour over bar, sleek furnishings and espresso equipment that likely is worth more than your car. But now that’s water under the bridge. Add all of that to a high definition surround sound … [Read more...]

Interview: Chef Ken Gordon

Ken Gordon of Kenny and Zuke's Deli

Perhaps Ken Gordon's t-shirt said it best: "By Reading This You Have Given Me Brief Control of Your Mind." Ken is half of Kenny & Zukes -- one of Portland's most beloved Jewish delis, and he hasn't gotten to the point of moving 800 pounds of pastrami in a weekend by letting his kitchens get out of line. "I mean … [Read more...]