By Request, My Family Eggnog Recipe

Re-posted from 2009

This is a recipe my father used back in the 40’s. Many years ago, I found it among his things, but never made it until tonight. Now I will never make any other version. It’s really airy yet creamy, with just the right balance of booze.

I Twitter/Facebooked about this tonight, and am posting it here after several requests. After all, we still have New Year’s to go through!

Note that this recipe uses raw eggs. If this scares you, I doubt you’d be on this site anyway, but normal warnings apply. Use good, clean eggs and break them correctly (not on the side of a bowl).

Egg Nog

Beat 8 egg whites until stiff peaks.

Add 1/2 cup sugar and beat until incorporated. Set aside for a moment.

Beat 8 egg yolks and 1/2 cup sugar.

Put the whites back on the mixer, and fold in the beaten yolks

At a slower speed, add 1 qt heavy cream, 1 pt whole milk, beat some more.

Add 2 cups rum and 1/2 cup bourbon.

Take 20 mg Lipitor**

Pour into glasses, dust with freshly ground nutmeg

Call cab.

*uses raw egg. Follow normal precautions i.e. not drinking if you are pregnant (not that you would!) etc. Google for information if you are uncertain. **Yeah, the Liptor is a joke. Geeze, no more letters.

Your thoughts are welcome

  1. says

    Perfect! I was looking for something that will abet family harmony today. And they’ll think I’m doing it just because I’m a nice guy. Hee-hee!! Thanks for sharing, FD, and very Merry Christmas to you!

    • Jakki says

      Jessica….you do not get a “clean break” and shells can contaminate the product….yadayadayada :-)…Crack the egg on a flat surface going straigh down on it’s side….you will get a clean break….

  2. says

    All the pro chefs I know, and the way I was taught in cooking classes and commercial kitchens was to crack an egg on a solid flat surface (the counter or table). The reason is that there is less likely a chance that tiny bits of shell will end up in the egg and bowl itself.

    Here’s instructions and a video:

    Don’t feel bad though – lots of people crack an egg on the side of the bowl. My parents do that. But then again, they also cook with dull knives (the horror).

  3. shrimp bloody mary says

    I’ve been looking for an eggnog recipe for the past few days, and I think I might have found my winner. ¬†This looks great. I’m going to try it out for the office Christmas party this weekend. ¬†Thanks for sharing this great recipe

  4. Skylor (Sprout Lifestyle) says

    What! This sounds so good. I’ve never made egg nog before and I am a serious sucker for it. The bummer part? Christmas is over so they stop selling it. You think I can make it with coconut milk?

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