SipSnapp Guides You Through Beer Lists

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Beer is not my strong point. I can  find my way through a wine or cocktail list without too many problems, but am usually lost when I am craving a beer. Now, a new smart phone application called SipSnapp helps guide you through the process of choosing a beer you will like from the list of available options. The app … [Read more...]

Widmer Pub Temporarily Closing for Remodel


Widmer Brothers Pub has announced they will be temporarily closing their restaurant located on North Russell Street, March 17th and March 24th through 27th. The remodel is part of a series of initiatives to celebrate the brewery’s 30th Anniversary. Beyond a major cosmetic renovation – one that hasn’t been done since … [Read more...]

Reader Survey 2013: Best Beer Bar in Portland

Apex Portland

The results have shuffled in the 2013 vote for Best Beer Bar in Portland Oregon. When I was in college, a nearby restaurant which went by the unfortunate nickname of "The Refectory" which was immediately renamed "The Rat Factory" by students - for good reason, had a list of 150 beers (I think that was the number). When … [Read more...]

Two Events Benefit Dogs and More!


As a dog lover, a couple of events coming up this summer have caught my eye. The first is the "Canines Uncorked" License to Taste Passport and Wine Tour, which benefits the Oregon Humane Society. The event features complimentary wine tastings and activities for dog owners and their pets at more than a dozen … [Read more...]

The 2010 Oregon Brewer’s Festival


More than twenty years ago, the founders of the Oregon Brewers Festival (Portland Brewing, Widmer Brothers and Bridgeport) collaborated on bringing together beers not available in Portland and serving them up to thirsty Portlanders on one sunny July weekend. Now, the Oregon Brewer's Festival (OBF) brings in 81 … [Read more...]

Guide to Portland’s Beer Shops


<updated 3.12> Every city should have a few great bottle shops, especially if that city is known for beer. In my opinion, Portland needs more neighborhood bottle shops; there’s something special about buying beer from a place that specializes in beer and beer alone. A good bottle shop is a place where … [Read more...]