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  • “Fromage” For The iPhone Apple iPhoneLots of people seem are talking about the iPhone, so I decided to take a look at a few new applications. This is the first of those reviews. As the name suggests, Fromage is a cheese reference/database. At this time the program includes 225 French cheeses by region, 90 from Spain, 95 from Italy and 85 from the USA. Each ... Read post
  • Cheese and the Seasons CheeseYou might notice that you aren’t seeing as much local artisan cheese in stores the past few months. Winter months divulge cheese-making secrets: it’s a seasonal activity. Goat and cow milk production naturally follows seasonal cycles, waning in the fall and winter and escalating in the spring and summer after pregnancies and spring births have stimulated milk production. ... Read post
  • Cheese – Care and Storage CheeseThis article from 2006 by author Tami Parr of The Pacific Northwest Cheese Project answers many questions about the care and storage of cheese. Let’s start with a basic precept: cheese is high maintenance. From production to storage to consumption, cheese demands the full attention of the cheesemaker, the cheesemonger and the cheese enthusiast. Cheese is not a food ... Read post
  • Five Oregon Artisan Cheeses You Shouldn’t Miss Bandaged Wrapped Cheddarby Tami Parr Now that spring has officially arrived you’ll be seeing more and more local cheeses in stores as Oregon’s artisan cheesemakers go into full production for the year. You might even say cheese season has arrived! And with the start of the Portland Farmer’s Market (as well as others around the area) local cheese is now readily ... Read post
  • Interview – Steve Jones of Cheese bar Steve-JonesNote: Steve’s Cheese moved, expanded and now serves sandwiches and small plates. The name has changed to Cheese Bar. The new address and other information is below. A couple of weeks ago, Steve Jones celebrated the one year anniversary of Steve’s Cheese, his cheese and cured meats shop located in Northwest Portland. The anniversary was a milestone of sorts ... Read post
  • Michael Talks Cheese CheeseDear Diary: Today I went to a cheese festival. It was sort of like Disneyland for cheese lovers, and I left feeling a lot like I do after a visit to the Magic Kingdom–exhilarated and slightly sick to my stomach. The annual conference of the American Cheese Society-yes, the one and only, accept no substitutes-hit town on Thursday, and all ... Read post
  • On the Price of Cheese Tami Parr Artisan Cheese BookBy Tami Parr In my last discussion about cheese here at Portland Food and Drink, several commenters mentioned price as a big part of their decision to buy (or not to buy) domestic artisan cheese. This intrigued me, so I’ve been pondering the issue for awhile. The first part of my thinking involved some retail research. I visited a local ... Read post
  • Pacific NW Cheese Project’s Tami Parr to Contribute Tami Parr Artisan Cheese BookIt is about to get even more so. You may be aware of the terrific cheese blog, The Pacific Northwest Cheese Project run by Tami Parr. I’ve always wanted a cheese writer (not cheesy, I do that all by myself), and prevailed upon Tami to bring some of her expertise to this site. Like the others, she’ll be ... Read post
  • What Does Cheese Mean? CheeseA certain euro-centrism reigns in cheese appreciation circles. When I think of good cheese (really good cheese), what immediately comes to mind is an imaginary French or Italian sheep’s milk gem crafted from the milk of herds grazing in the Alps. On some level, there’s a logic to this; European cheese-making is a centuries-old tradition that produces some ... Read post