One More from Oswaldo Bibiano

Autentica Mexican

Oswaldo Bibiano, owner of Reader Survey 2012’s top Mexican picks Autentica and Mextiza, is opening a third restaurant, Uno Mas. According to the Liquor Control Commission paperwork, the new restaurant will be open daily from 11am to 11pm. Uno Mas is a small 505 square feet, but will include outdoor seating for 25. They will just be serving “tacos – meat, fish, vegetables, and something indecipherable which looks like “chicken”, but since that is a meat too, I’m confused. As usual.

Though the food at his restaurants is good, Oswaldo has never seemed to get a handle on service. I’m hoping this is counter only.

Uno Mas will be located at 2337 NE Glisan St., along with 24th and Meatballs and Caprial and John Pence’s Basa Basarestaurants.

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