Pascal Sauton’s Milwaukie Kitchen and Wine Closes

"Milwaukie Kitchen and Wine"

Milwaukie Kitchen and Wine.Photo: Tim Roth

Tonight brings the sad news that chef Pascal Sauton’s Milwaukie Kitchen and Wine is closing. He is well known in Portland for the French inspired bistro, Carafe, which closed he sold in early 2011. Pascal went on to found Milwaukie Kitchen and Wine later that year. The 2500 square foot storefront offered a retail section, with specialty groceries and over 100 wines from Europe and the Northwest, as well as a wine club, wine tasting, and a broad selection of prepared foods.

From his Facebook post,


Dear Friends:

This month marks my 40th year of being behind the stove. And to celebrate that big achievement I’ve decided to hang up my apron for good. It’s time to step away from the heat of the kitchen and explore my many other passions in life. I’m going to start by spending the remainder of the summer enjoying my wonderful children.

Tonight, Milwaukie Kitchen & Wine closed its doors for good. No, I will not be coming to you in a few days announcing a new project; I really am done cooking professionally. It’s been many years of hard work and I am looking forward to stepping back and exploring all the things I am passionate about while I’m still young and sexy!

I am very grateful for the support you have shown the Kitchen, and I will miss seeing your smiling faces. Most of all I will miss working with my talented staff, in particular my daughter Prunelle.

Thank you for all those many memories and I look forward to dining with you instead of cooking for you!


Another in a series of sad days. Best of luck Pascal.

Your thoughts are welcome

  1. garden girl says

    So many new places opening and some sad closings…. I think that we may have reached a saturation point, but there are so many more openings in the planning phases, leases have been signed – how can Portland continue to support so many eating establishments?
    There are some delightful establishments that serve incredible food but they are being ignored or abandoned as more new places open.

  2. Theresa says

    BUMMER. I recently moved from SE PDX to Milwaukie and wish there were more places like this in the neighborhood. And now where will I get my Ristretto Roasters fix?

    Cooking is a hard way to make a living/career. Best of luck to Pascal and family!

  3. KBKenyon says

    My mum purchased some wine certificates that total $80 and now the place is closed? What the heck, she is out $80 and Chef gets to retire….There was no notice and I just found out by chance driving by the Milwaukie Kitchen. This sucks. She’s a retiree living on a fixed income and had purchased a class that was cancelled and was given a certificate to get some wine. Now it is useless. Thanks!

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