Reader Survey 2012: Best Gourmet Food Store

Where do we go when we are looking for ingredients to make that special meal? With 50% of the vote, your first choice is clear. The next three were very close. I’m glad to see Foster & Dobbs move way up the list this year.

568 votes cast:

1. City Market/Pastaworks – 50% of the vote!

  • 3735 SE Hawthorne Blvd., Portland 97214. Map (503) 232-1010
  • 735 Northwest 21st Ave., Portland OR. 97209 Map (503) 221-3002
  • 4212 North Mississippi Ave, Portland OR 97217 Map (503) 445-1303

2. New Seasons Market – 15%.

  • 5320 Northeast 33rd Avenue, Portland, OR 97211 Map (503) 292-1987
  • 4034 Southeast Hawthorne Boulevard, Portland, OR 97214 Map (503) 236-4800
  • 6400 North Interstate Avenue, Portland, OR 97217 Map (503) 467-4777
  • 1954 Southeast Division Street, Portland, OR 97202 Map (503) 445-2888
  • 1214 SE Tacoma St., Portland OR. 97202 Map (503) 2130-4949
  • 3 Monroe Pkwy, Lake Oswego, OR. 97035 Map (503) 496-1155
  • 3495 Cedar Hills Blvd, Portland OR 97225 Map (503) 641-4181

3. Foster & Dobbs Authentic Foods – 14%

  • 2518 NE 15th Ave, Portland, OR 97212 Map (503) 284-1157

4. Zupan’s Markets – 13%

  • 2340 W Burnside, Portland Or. 97210 Map (503) 497-1088
  • 16380 Boones Ferry Rd., Lake Oswego, OR. 97035 Map (503) 210-4190
  • 7221 SW Macadam, Portland OR. 97219 Map (503) 244-5666
  • 3301 SE Belmont, Portland OR. 97214 Map (503) 239-3720

My favorite? I either go to Foster & Dobbs or City Market/Pastaworks. While I think of New Seasons as my regular grocery store, I usually go somewhere else for my balsamic, etc.

You can see the rest of the 2012 Reader Survey results here.

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Your thoughts are welcome

  1. theresa says

    Have you been to the Zupan’s at 23rd and West Burnside? They’re like DiLaurenti (from Pike Place Market) on crack! They have some amazing high end stuff, oils, vinegars, salamis, cheeses, etc., as well as a pretty inspiring selection of wines.

  2. Irene says

    Okay I have to gripe a bit about Foster and Dobbs here, and I feel a little bad doing it because the owner is a sweetheart and I do take advantage of their free wine tastings, BUT their prices are consistently noticeably higher than pretty much anywhere else in town. I know we are talking about “gourmet” food shops here so bargains aren’t the point, but I’m comparing in kind. It just bugs me when I know that I will pay at least a dollar less for almost everything in the store at ANY other store in town, including ones that aren’t known for competitive pricing.

    • whathef says

      Really? Well as long as you feel bad about it.

      “take advantage of their free wine tastings” at a store whose “owner is a sweetheart” while at the same time complain about the price.

      Why anyone goes into retail is beyond me.

    • abefroman says

      depends what side of town you’re on and how far you have to drive for your “gourmet” victuals. besides, if you can charge the prices and people pay them and they stay in business, who cares, right? you could go to other “gourmet” stores and pay less. it’s not like they are in a low income part of town anyway.

  3. pdxyogi says

    What does Gore May mean anyway? Didn’t that term go out of fashion and become meaningless 30 years ago?

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