Reader Survey 2012: The Most Romantic Restaurant In Portland

Paley’s Place Dessert.
Photo ©John Valls

Ah romance. Candlelight, quiet conversation, flirting. That is my definition, but, judging from the list, many people have other criteria. I looked all the way back to our list from 2006, which was Alba Osteria, Alberta Oyster, Andina, Fenouil, Carlyle, Paley’s, Giorgio’s, Beast, Aquariva and Metrovino. Interesting that three of the restaurants have gone out of business. Based soley on romance, I can’t argue any of the choices, though I’m not sure I would think of OX as romantic. It is nice to see restaurants like DOC, Ned Ludd and Noisette getting some reader love.

Out of 554 votes:

1. Paley’s Place – 16.4% 1204 Northwest 21st Avenue  Portland, OR 97209  Map  (503) 243-2403

2. Genoa Restaurant – 9% 2832 Southeast Belmont Street  Portland, OR 97214  Map  (503) 238-1464

3. Castagna – 5% 1752 Southeast Hawthorne Boulevard  Portland, OR 97214  Map  (503) 231-7373

4. St. Jack – 4.3% (tie with DOC). 2039 Southeast Clinton Street  Portland, OR 97202  Map  (503) 360-1281

5. DOC – 4.3% 5519 NE 30th Avenue  Portland, OR 97211  Map  (503) 946-8592

6. Ned Ludd – 3925 Northeast Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd. Portland, OR 97212  Map  (503) 288-6900

7. Andina – 1314 Northwest Glisan Street  Portland, OR 97209  Map  (503) 228-9535

8. OX – 2225 Northeast Martin Luther King Junior Boulevard  Portland, OR 97212  Map  (503) 284-3366

9. Beast – 5425 Northeast 30th Avenue  Portland, OR 97211  Map  (503) 841-6968

10. Noisette – 1937 Northwest 23rd Place  Portland, OR 97210  Map  (503) 719-4599


Your thoughts are welcome

  1. garden girl says

    St Jack – romantic??? One can barely hear a conversation, much less flirt. Way too loud and the seating isn’t as sexy as some of the other choices.

    • says

      Shows that the definition of romance is different to different people. I think a lot of it depends on your current situation. I’ve had incredibly romantic moments having a cup of coffee with someone in a noisy coffeehouse.

  2. Spencer says

    Hi, I’m 18 and I was looking for the most romantic place for my girlfriend and I for our 1yr anniversary. I checked out Paley’s and Genoa both online and I can’t decide which one I should do. Money is not an issue. Can someone please convince me which is better food wise. Both meat eaters and willing to try anything new. Thanks.

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