Survey 2011: Best Bakery

Ken's Artisan Bakery

The results here are a bit unexpected for me. Over the past year it seems like all the talk has been about Little T, but the competition was baked by Ken’s Artisan Bakery.

Out of 1020 votes:

  1. Ken’s Artisan Bakery – 338 Northwest 21st Avenue, Portland OR 97214 – (503) 248-2202 Map. 17% of the vote.
  2. Little T American Baker – 2600 Southeast Division St., Portland, OR 97202-1253 (503) 238-3458 Map 13% of the vote.
  3. Pearl Bakery – 102 Northwest 9th Ave., Portland, OR 97209 (503) 827-0910 Map 5% of the vote.

Honorable mentions go to Grand Central, Baker & Spice, Fleur de Lis, St. Honoré, and Lovejoy Bakers

You can see all of the “Best of Portland” results here.

Your thoughts are welcome

  1. Michael Groves says

    I believe “all the talk has been about Little T” has come from a single source about their baguettes being the best in Portland, which I have found questionable.

    • Food Dude says

      I’ve heard quite a few comments about Little T, and what I’ve had from them in restaurants has been good enough to stand out and make me ask the source.

  2. Jay says

    The evaluation of bakeries might be better served if there were two categories: best bread and best pastries (sans muffins).

  3. says

    I really think Little T’s image was tarnished a bit by their decision to wholesale to Stumptown. I would say their in-house experience is better than Ken’s, but living closer to Ken’s and being able to pick up a fantastic Ken’s baguette at Whole Foods makes Ken’s the clear winner.

  4. Banaka & Browns Bakery says

    We would love it if you would come by and give us your opinion sometime we have had great reviews and our customers love us but I would enjoy your thoughts, we have only been around for a few months and are always looking for feedback

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