Survey 2011: Best Beer Bar

BeerI’m more of a fan of the hard stuff than I am beer, so didn’t vote on this one myself. However, I am an anomaly – Portlander’s love their beer!

Out of 750 votes cast:

  1. Horse Brass -13% of the vote. 4534 Southeast Belmont St., Portland, OR 97215 (503) 232-2202 Map
  2. Saraveza – 11%. 1004 North Killingsworth St., Portland, OR 97217 (503) 206-4252 Map
  3. Bailey’s Tap Room – 6%. 213 SW Broadway, Portland, OR (503) 295-1004 ‎Map

Honorable mention: a tie for 4th place between Spints and Hopworks Urban Brewery, two points behind Baily’s.

You can see all of the “Best of Portland” results here.

Your thoughts are welcome

  1. CO says

    I would have the top 3 results flopped but who are we kidding….we are all spoiled to have all 5 of those in the same city. Never mind the other 6 or so epically great beer bars/brewpubs!

    dammit! now I need a beer.

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