Survey 2011: Best Chinese Restaurant in Portland

Ocean City Seafood

We are finally starting to get some restaurants that, while they may not be fantastic, are certainly better than anything we had a few years ago. If you are into Sichuan food, Lucky Strike is the best in town. Wong’s King remains popular for dim sum, though I think there are better, especially if you are willing to head over to Beaverton. Ocean City is very popular with seafood lovers, but also has many traditional Chinese dishes too. Finally, Shandong is a rising star, quickly building a following for those in the Hollywood area of Portland. It is easily the best Chinese close to the city core.

Out of 696 votes:

Honorable mention Shangdong

You can see all of the 2011 poll results here.

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  1. Jill-O says

    Personally, my fave is Ocean City and the Chinese-Korean (esp. off menu specials) at Chinese Delicacy…that said, wow, how interesting that this posting has garnered no comments at all in contrast to every other. I always feel Chinese gets short shrift in this town.

  2. skraut says

    I went to Shandong because of all the good reviews, but was extremely disappointed. I really wanted to try a noodle dish because they make their own noodles. It came out like as one big clump. Difficult to eat and not much flavor. For authentic Chinese, Wong’s by far and American/Chinese goes to Thien Hong on Sandy Blvd.

  3. Mike says

    What are the good places in Beaverton for dim sum? I’m on the west side now and looking for good places nearby

  4. JDG says

    Since I live a few blocks away, I’m glad to see Shandong getting a nod (as well as a fair amount of business) after such a short amount of time open. I knew it wasn’t going to get the best comments from the non-Yelp-Portland-food-blog-n-forum-posting crowd but it’s a very good neighborhood Chinese take-out joint (a bizarre rarity outside the burbs) and continues to get better over time.

  5. Steph says

    My husband and I have been scouring PDX for decent – great Chinese food. We’ve concluded that Lucky Strike is amazing, but not very kid friendly. Wong’s King is amazing but somewhat out of our depth. We’ve been looking for the style of Chinese food that is so common in the NE part of the US and can’t really find it. We go to Fujin often because they do szechuan quite well and if you stick to the specials everything is fantastic. The only place we’ve been in in Oregon that does the kind of Chinese food I’m talking about is the China Gorge in Hood River.

    • Pedro Zeamoro says

      China gorge is the only nasty place I can think of. If Chinese food is trying to do Thai food with spagetti noodles and watered down coconut milk; wow. I hope you have found that perfect chinese restaurant you had in mind.

  6. JandJ says

    Recently opened Taste of Sichuan absolutely blew anything I’ve tried in Portland out of the water. First time I’ve enjoyed passable Sichuan food in this town. Some kinks to be worked out of the service end, but the food was excellent. Try it during the week… very busy on weekends, but not so busy mid week now that the initial roar has died down a bit.

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