Survey 2011: Best Coffeehouse in Portland

Last year Stumptown Coffee Roasters won by a significant margin. This year, Barista Coffeehouse surged and came very close to tying their score, with only 1% of the vote separating them. When you factor in the number of Stumptown stores versus the two Barista locations, it’s a pretty impressive showing. Ristretto Roasters bumped up to tie Coffeehouse NW for 3rd place.

Out of 826 votes:

  1. Stumptown Coffee Roasters – 15% of the vote. Many locations – see website. Map
  2. Barista –  14% of the total. 539 NW 13th Ave., Portland, OR. 97209 Map and 1725 NE Alberta, Portland OR. 97211 Map
  3. Coffeehouse NW – 4%. 1951 W Burnside St. Portland, OR 97209 Map also in 3rd place: Ristretto Roasters – 4%. 3808 North Williams Ave, Portland 97227 (503) 288-8667 Map & 3520 Northeast 42nd Ave, Portland 97213(503) 284-6767. Map
  4. Heart Coffee Roasters – 3%. 2211 E Burnside, Portland, OR. 97232 Map

Heart Coffee Roasters came out of nowhere. I like to think I’m pretty familiar with the Portland coffee scene, but I’ve never heard of them and had to ask around. Other scores that stood out from the pack: Crema, Extracto, Fresh Pot, Albina Press, Coava Coffee, Random Order and Legend.

Yes, another tie. What are the odds? I need to go buy a lottery ticket

You can see all of the “Best of Portland” results here.

Your thoughts are welcome

  1. says

    I guess Coffeehouse has some work to do—win more hearts and palates! Although I think Barista’s success is much deserved. They are killing it day in and day out.

  2. says

    Heart is on the north side of a block on E Burnside I’ve characterized as ‘one-name’ businesses: Meat to the west and now June to the east.

    When I stop to buy coffee on my way to work (which isn’t often), they started out as the most convenient choice due to commute/parking. But they won me over with the coffee, & sealed it by offering Nuvrei pastries & offering to heat up my travel mug before I loaded it from the self-serve pot!

  3. Andrea says

    A second vote for Oblique. They offered to special roast a pound of coffee for us to try when they didn’t have the roast we wanted in stock, and will continue to roast for us if we liked what we bought. Extremely nice service!

  4. Dai says

    Public Domain on Broadway is consistently excellent. If you miss Torrefazione Italia give these people a try.

  5. Livetoeat says

    Barista got my vote for number one-particularly the Alberta location;but I’ve had excellent coffee and great service at Coffee House Five and I want to give them a shout out!

  6. says

    I’m surprised Coffeehouse didn’t get more votes, if you are voting for the best espresso/Baristas they are the best hands down (along with Barista), as they turn Stumptown beans into a work of art! Plus, Adam is the reigning world champion of latte art!

  7. says

    When we lived in Eugene, we used to frequent a coffee place run by a couple who were passionate about the art of coffee brewing. When we moved to Portland, they told us to check out Heart coffee. It was one of the places they liked to bring their baristas for inspiration. They roast their coffee right there at the coffeehouse. The coffee is quite yummy.

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