Survey 2011: Best New Restaurants

Tasty N Son's Chicken Strips

Only a few questions results left -next week I will finish with Best Restaurants. For those of you who will ask, yes, all of these opened in 2010. Fin would have placed second, but it isn’t open anymore, so those votes were eliminated. However, they get an honorable mention.

Out of 554 votes:

  1. Tasty N Sons -25% of the total votes. 3808 North Williams Ave., Portland, OR 97227 (503) 621-1400 Map My Review
  2. Gruner – 527 Southwest 12th Ave., Portland, OR 97205 (503) 241-7163 Map My Review
  3. Little Bird – 219 Southwest 6th Ave., Portland, OR 97204 (503) 688-5952 Map

Honorable mention: June, Fin (now closed)

My vote – Tasty N Son’s

Your thoughts are welcome

  1. Natasha says

    Food Dude – what was the cut-off or definition for “new” in this survey? Surprised not to see Olympic Provisions up there, yet Grüner seems hardly new…?

  2. JDG says

    If you consider pasta to be the iconic dish of Italy, then Tasty N Sons deserves best Italian restaurant as well. They only have two on the menu (a fresh linguine+ragu and a spaghettini carbonara), but they absolutely KILL anything else available in town right now. Their approach to brunch just doesn’t do it for me, but I am loving their dinner menu.

    FWIW, after some chatter that June might have taken a turn for the weird after Mondok left, we paid them a third visit a couple weeks ago and loved it as much as our first two last year. Service was exceptional as well.

      • JDG says

        One of the common knocks against Perrault when he was at DOC was that he tended to use incongruous ingredients in the same dish to ill effect, a complaint that resurfaced (over on, I think) earlier this year with respect to June. That’s what I meant by “weird.”

      • Food Dude says

        I’ve never even had the pasta at Tasty. I’ve only been to dinner there once, and though I was tempted by the carbonara (first dish I ever learned to make in a restaurant), other items pulled me away. In my experience, Tabla has the best pasta in Portland right now.

  3. jimster says

    Interesting that Little Bird Top 3s in Best New Restaurant and Biggest Disappointment categories. Incongruency is a constant in the Portland dining and criticism scene.

    JDG, if you have been following this thread of releases you would know that there are no restaurants qualified to be in the Best Italian Restaurant in Portland category.

    As for June, a dinner a month ago knocked it out of the park and I went all fish for the courses. Great stuff and terrific pricing for what you get.

  4. atm says

    I have eaten at all of these places numerous times, and June probably over a dozen different times. It is easily the best restaurant in town right now.

  5. SwineCheek says

    In my opinion, Fin was putting out some of the best food in town. But Gruner making it to the top 3?! WTF!?!

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