Reader Survey 2012: Best Indian in Portland

Tandori Prawns @ Vindalho

Tandori Prawns at Vindalho.
Photo: ©Richard Pelletier

Indian food is incredibly varied and complex. It is also one of my favorite foods, and I’ve been wishing we had more choices in Portland. The recently opened Bollywood Theater has helped fill the void with good options at very affordable prices, jumping to #3 on the list after only being in business for a few months. Vindalho and East India Company have swapped; I’m guessing prices are playing a part here. Perhaps reflecting my experience, Channai Masala has dropped, even being overtaken by the Swagat chain. I don’t know anything about India Grill or Namaste – perhaps some of you can fill me in.

Here are the results. Total votes: 476

1. Vindalho – 17%. 2038 Clinton St. Portland, OR 97202  (503) 467-4550 Map My review

2. East India Company – 16%. 821 SW 11th Ave Portland, OR 97205  (503) 227-8815  Map. My review.

3. Bollywood Theater – 15.5%. 2039 NE Alberta, Portland 97211  (971) 200-4711  Map

4. Swagat – 11%.

  • 2074 Northwest Lovejoy Street  Portland, OR 97209  (503) 277-4300  Map
  • 4325 SW 109th St., Beaverton 97005  (503) 626-3000  Map
  • 1340 NE Orenco Station Parkway, Hillsboro 97124  (503) 844-3838  Map

5. Channai Masala (Hillsboro) – 9%. 2088 NW Stucki Ave, Hillsboro, OR 97124   (503) 531-9500 ‎ Map

6. Bombay Cricket Club– 5%. 1925 Southeast Hawthorne Boulevard Portland, OR 97214  (503) 231-0740  Map

7. India Grill – 3%. 2924 East Burnside Street Portland, OR 97214  (503) 236-1790  Map

8. Namaste – 2%. 8303 Northeast Sandy Boulevard Portland, OR 97220  (503) 257-5059 Map

You’ll find all of our Reader Survey 2012 results here!


Your thoughts are welcome

  1. Erin Marie Kelly says

    I guess this means Namaste should take down the “Best Indian Food in Town” banner on their website.

      • Mario says

        Not in this case- I’m sure they were voted best in town around the turn of the 21st century. They suck- but the fact they are on a major bus line pretty much cements them as “the best” among a measurable segment of the population… because it’s the only place that segment have ever tried.

  2. pdxyogi says

    India Grill is nasty and dreadful, both for food and service. How they have been in business for so long is beyond me.

    • Dx says

      I’m glad you commented on this. I was surprised that Dwarka was on this list as well.
      I found Namaste to be garbage.
      When did this polls take place?
      I want a vote in this.

      • Conrad says

        Namaste is the Best. It’s at its best when you order off the menu. The buffet is quite good shortly after the restaurant opens, then as time goes along it becomes variable but usually one or two dishes are still excellent. If you want to judge this restaurant by the worst dish in the buffet you are of course not being fair.

        • pdxyogi says

          It is entirely fair to judge a restaurant by their worst dish. I’ll eat only at places that are committed to excellence. If something is crap they shouldn’t serve it. Period. I’d rather see a menu of seven solidly delicious and reliable entrees than 35 entrees of which the bottom five are awful.

  3. amiecuisine says

    India Oven on Belmont is a sleeper. Everything I’ve ever eaten there is fresh, well-seasoned, and authentic. Their biryani is the best in town.

  4. D Kannan says

    Really no place in Portland amazing for Indian. Just got home from my family’s place overseas where I had fresh Thosai and coconut chutney, curries that were fantastic and breads full of garlic & ghee.
    But if I had to pick a place in Portland, I like Bombay Cricket Club. And Swagat is the only place serving thosai and idli with sambar that I know of. Love those.
    Vindaloo not really Indian, but their polo rial is still really good and the coriander chutney.
    The place on Hawthorne, forgetting the name now, isn’t bad either.
    Wishing there really was an authentic place so you could taste what I just did for a month. Makes all other food taste like cardboard.:(
    D Kannan
    P.S. also their is a great food cart for lamb Britain at 9th & Alder. Forget the name, but the guys are from Chennai. :)

  5. says

    I think Bollywood will probably win the survey next year. I’m not sure if it has better food than East India Co., but the price point is a MUCH better deal, and the owner is a seriously good cook. For a restaurant that has only been open for a few months, it has a terrific following. They just need to add a little polish.

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