A Plethora of Periodicals Paper Portland’s Proliferating Phood Phenom


In honor of national donut day

I don’t normally cover magazine articles about Portland anymore, but hey, it’s Friday, and we are getting a lot of attention. Here’s a roundup:

Details magazine is not only featuring “The Kid Who Could be Bigger than Bieber”, they also are running an article called “Breakfast in America – The Morning Meal Gets a Makeover”, in which they name Portland Penny Diner number one (in the world? State? Country?) for egg-and-cheese sandwiches. They manage to refer to the dish as “white trash, highbrow and low-rent” in one sentence. At number three, Lauretta Jean’s makes an appearance for “her grandma’s recipe for flaky, two-inch tall dreams stuffed with local eggs, Monterey jack cheese, and Brussels sprouts, which are shaved into a rough slaw and sautéed in butter and chili flakes”.  Zounds! In the past, Simpatica Dining Hall has also made the list.

Next, Rachael Ray – “10 Twists on Hot Dogs!” reveals chef James Beard award-winning chef Gabe Rucker’s favorite burgers. His number one is Slow bar, followed by Matt’s in the Market for their halibut fishwich (Seattle so they get small type), Paley’s Place, Biwa, and the lamb burger at Broder.

Thought I was finished? Hardly! We still have Glamour’s “Pick Your Destination”, naming Portland the um, destination “For serious foodies“. We are told to “Put on a roomy dress and check out one of Portland’s 475 food carts or more than 1,500 restaurants (I had no idea! Does this mean I can’t wear pants?). Their “must try” list features Screen Door, Salt & Straw and our 53 microbreweries – more news to me, they say “locals call the city “Brewvana“.

Finally, a company called Infographics which uses social media ratings to come up with popular things in various cities around the nation crunched their data to find out the Best Bacon Dishes in the USA. In Portland, the #1 choice with 375 mentions is “The Reggie” at Pine State Biscuits.

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  1. man-o-steele says

    Food Dude–you missed that other high quality press recognition from Compass–Yahoo’s travel blog–naming Portland one of the best cities for bachelor and bachelorette parties! Who knew? I fully expect you to do a feature on the perfect bachelor and bachelorette night in Portland to meet the demands of all the soon to be married flocking to Portland! (A double entendre mention of Voodoo donuts is obligatory.)

  2. L'epicier says

    Gravy makes a pretty mean breakfast san as does the cart at Prost. Disgusting looking pic of a glazed donut burger: this pic has it all – donut, eggs, bacon, meat. A heart attack on a donut, yechhh…

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