Alberta’s Bar Lolo R.I.P.

Bar Lolo, the “Barcelona-style tapas bar” on 2940 NE Alberta Street, has closed.

 May 16, 2014

After nearly three years, we unfortunately will be closing.  Our last day of business will be Saturday May 17th.  We would like to thank all of our regular customers for their support.

We are currently developing plans to sell some of our sauces and other menu items in retail settings.  Please contact us if you interested in purchasing items such as our bravas sauce, romesco sauce, sherry syrup, fig onion marmalade, chicken spice, or other items.  We will be updating this website and our facebook page as these plans develop.

I am a bit surprised by this development, as when I’ve walked past over the last few months, it seemed like there was an uptick in business. I wish their employees the best.



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    I used to like that place until about a year and a half ago. I was walking along outside, and didn’t notice the two level sidewalk by the bus stop out front. I fell down extremely hard, badly spraining my left ankle and my right knee (very embarrassing, with all the outside diners). The BL waiter came out (afraid of a lawsuit?) and told me I should sit in one of their out front chairs. I sat there for about 60 seconds, feeling incredibly shaky and not able to walk., as everything was rapidly turning blue and swelling. About 20 seconds later I was told to move on, as they needed the table for paying customers. What humanitarians!

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