I’m Rated Out! Do Wine Ratings Mean Anything?

Wine rack

By Ken Collura As a professional wine buyer and an active consumer, I'm inundated with ratings. Each major wine publication has seemingly hundreds of them each month. If that wasn't enough, they're encountered in big, bold numerals everywhere wines are sold. You'll see them in newspaper ads, on shelf-talkers, and … [Read more...]

All About Wine and Food Pairings

Wine corks

Another popular article from the past, by Ken Collura Have you ever tried Coca-Cola with a steak? Or coffee? How about a margarita? Each of these beverages can be seen accompanying steaks around town on a nightly basis. I know that everyone has different taste buds, but the thought of something sweet and … [Read more...]

Ramen Dreams in Vancouver BC

Ramen in Vancouver BC

Have you ever dreamt about a certain kind of food? Not necessarily a dream while sleeping, but more of a daydream that repeatedly encompasses your thoughts. I've recently had such a recurring dream about Japanese ramen, and the dreams were about the real deal: Shio, Shoyu, Miso and Tonkotsu. I first fell in love … [Read more...]

Restaurant Customer Etiquette

By Ken Collura Introduction: I work the floor as a sommelier/manager in a busy restaurant five nights a week and try to dine out on at least one of my days off, so I’ve written this piece from the perspective of someone who has been an active participant on both sides of the table for many years. There are ways a … [Read more...]