What Do We Want Out of Wine?


So what is it we want out of wine? That it tastes good, right? Oh, and if it doesn't empty our wallets that is certainly a nice bonus. This is especially true for yours truly, since the "stock option" plan for VINO employees consists of drinking leftover wine from weekend tastings. Luckily, there has never been a … [Read more...]

Review: Yakuza


There are times when I've gone to a restaurant and had an incredible experience, but for various reasons I didn't make it back. Such was the case with Yakuza Lounge on Portland's northeast side. I had my first experience with my friend DOR last October. It was such an-out-of-control meal we ended up having their burger … [Read more...]

First Impressions: Beaker & Flask

Beaker and Flask

Note: Beaker & Flask closed in 2013 I now have a full review of Beaker & Flask here. When is a bar not a bar? That thought wandered across my mind as w and I were sitting in Beaker & Flask a couple of nights ago in the midst of what was turning into one of the most satisfying dinners we'd had in a … [Read more...]

Le Pigeon – Another View

"Foie Gras"...."Lamb Belly"...."Foot and Tail Croquette"..."Beef Cheek Bourguignon". Gee, where am I, in heaven? Nah, just Le Pigeon here in PDX, where the accolades have always come fast and furious for chef/owner Gabriel Rucker's charnel house cuisine. Talk about respect for your raw material. If you're a pig who … [Read more...]

Review: Mai Thai Restaurant

Bruce Bauer from WineGuyWorld.com has a look at a Thai restaurant I hadn't heard of before. I dropped by with some friends, and had a large selection of dishes. Based on my meal, I think this is a pretty accurate impression. Food Dude] I have seen the future of Thai food happiness in Portland, and by lucky … [Read more...]

Tabla – Another Look

[It has been a while since we reviewed Tabla. Since then, it has gone through a few changes. Bruce Bauer over at wineguyworld sent me his impressions from a recent visit. I thought you might find it interesting] Getting value out of any one dish when you eat out isn't too difficult. Here in Portland a plate of the … [Read more...]

Alba Osteria – a New Look


By Bruce Bauer Here's a stellar offer for all of you living in Portland. For the rest of you, should you find yourselves with plans to visit our fair city, pay attention. Here's the deal: In the next five minutes or so you spend reading this, you can have an extra $3,000 in your pocket! I know, pretty freaking … [Read more...]