Bacon Scented Alarm Clock – inspired by bacon of the highest caliber

Transform you iPhone into a Bacon Scented Alarm Clock! Oscar Mayer has released a device that, in conjunction with an iPhone, wakes you up with the sound of cooking bacon, along with puffs of bacon scent that is “inspired by bacon of the highest caliber”. The commercial is hilarious; a mix of fantasy and dreams of everything odd and bacon. The device is not yet for sale, but you can sign up to win one on the Oscar Mayer website.

Don’t lie to me – you know you’d try it!

not recommended for vegetarians

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  1. says

    Food Dude!

    This bacon thing is becoming just another marketing gimmick, don’t you think? As far as I am concerned, you can shelve the bacon martinis, jelly, maple donuts, apple sauce etc. Leave it for savory dishes.It is a fabulous meat….. I buy bacon of all types. On the internet, local producers and such. My favorite is still Benton’s Country Hams&Bacon in Tennessee.

    • JandJ says

      Marketing gimmick… ya think? Of course it is, but VERY creative and fun. Their bacon may not be my favorite, but as soon as Neuske’s comes out with their version of an alarm clock, I’m right on it. Meanwhile, this just might do. Love it.

  2. a fish says


    Have you misread the calendar? This was supposed to be published on April 1st. Instead it made its way out to us almost a month too early…

  3. Jill-O says

    If I am waking up to the smell of bacon, there damn well better be some actual bacon! I would wake up every day angry and annoyed. I call it a product fail for that reason! ;o)

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