Bluehour Closed for Lunch Friday After Fire

Bluehour is closed for lunch today after a fire Thursday night. According to owner Bruce Carey, bartender Steve Grimm suffered first and second degree burns. He is expected to be released from the hospital this afternoon.

A statement from Carey – “Last evening at around 9:00 pm there was an accidental fire at Bluehour.  Our bartender Steve Grimm has been treated at a local hospital and he is expected to return home today. The fire was the result of a high proof alcohol that inadvertently ignited while preparing a cocktail. We are grateful to our amazing staff for acting so quickly and efficiently. We are working diligently to put the bar back in full operation. We will be closed for lunch today, Friday, but fully expect to be open in time for happy hour at 4:30 PM. We regret that our guests’ evenings were interrupted by this accident, but thankful everyone is okay.”

Um, it doesn’t sound like “everyone is okay to me”. Best wishes to Steve Grimm for a quick recovery from the painful burns.

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  1. Bette says

    Steve Grimm the bartender who was burned was at BLUEHOUR last night at Happy Hour. He was looking good in good spirits. Everyone was thrilled to see him. BLUEHOUR is open for business! Tonight they have a total buyout but are open regular hours going forward.

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