Brasserie Montmarte Sold

I received a tip on Monday that the Brasserie was making a chef change. Being a bit gun shy after my “closed” debacle back in early January, I haven’t posted about it. This week however, a “Closed for Remodel” sign has appeared on the door. There seemed to be some sort of shakeup going on, and since I now have a contact address, I sent off an email and got this response from the owners:

“Dear friends, family, & business associates,

We are pleased to announce that after resurrecting an historic building in downtown portland and restoring the Brasserie Montmartre restaurant to itʼs original grandeur, we have entered into a sales agreement with “Three French Americanos, LLC.” for the purchase and operation of the restaurant. We have spent the last two years living and
breathing “The Brasserie” and couldnʼt feel more proud to be passing on such a great establishment and experience to this new restaurant group.

Our passion and expertise lie in creating a beautiful space for people to come and enjoy and we will soon be looking forward to the next project. As for now, we have a sweet little baby girl on the way and will enjoy some down time as we start a new journey as parents.

Business at the Brasserie will continue as usual and you may catch us sitting at the bar enjoying a Manhattan… This project has been very close to our hearts and we hope everyone will continue to be devoted patrons.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions. We will certainly keep everyone posted on our upcoming adventures and projects…

Thank you for all of your support,
Matt & Sara Maletis

Carl Coffman is the person listed on the liquor license application. He’s a prominent Portland developer.

Your thoughts are welcome

  1. Jennifer says

    I think the two Pascals are being confused in the comments section.
    Pascal Sauton is with Carafe.
    Pascal Chureau is with Allium in West Linn (before that, Fenouil & Lucier).

    • abefroman says

      No confusion. Pascal S worked at the Brasserie back in the mid 90’s, Carafe opened in 2003 after he left Riverplace.

  2. Nancy says

    As someone who used to go to Brasserie in the old days before the remodel I would say that some of the decor now is not in step with the atmosphere they need to create. The food needs a lot of work to be on par with what it used to be when the late night crowds would come in for great omlettes and hash browns. There needs to be consistent music as well so you can count on what you’ll hear.

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