Classic Craiglist Advert Seeks Alchemist/Mixologist/Bartender

As the reader who sent this to me said, “How can such a pretentious ad have so many errors?”

Do you seek the opportunity to create your own Craft Cocktail Bar Program? Do you desire and have the knowledge and capability to drive the development of a unique but profitable alcohol program along with the creation of syrops, infusions and even stove top alchemy to create robust, new cocktail experiences? Can you develop and drive Cocktail Lore/Food pairing seminars? Then we seek you to run the Bar at this up and coming underground Craft Bar. We need someone who can drive the careful liquor order, manage the inventory, help create cost cutting, bold, profitable drinks all the while building a steady, long term clientele. Working closely with the chef, you will also have reign to develp a Cocktail/Food pairing program. Only the confident, adventurous, diligent and competent need apply.

Plesae send resume, We will respond with interview opions for this Saturday, the 19th–afternoon.

Thank you for your interest.

For all the budding mixologist/alchemists out there who are so insecure they can’t accept a time-honored title like bartender, this one is for you.

(I count six errors, not counting the strange need to capitalize random words like “Lore”)

Your thoughts are welcome

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