Corazon: RIP

Just a week after Chris Israel dropped out of the Corazon Mexican restaurant collaboration, Portland Monthly is reporting that the restaurant has now closed for good. Anthony Cafiero, previously chef at Tabla, was brought in to simplify the menu for the third time, but just a few short days after the latest changes, ChefStable has pulled the plug.

From PoMO –

According to Huffman, Cafiero worked valiantly, but a “hired gun” is the anti-thesis of the model he set out to create: “We don’t bring in people to cook other people’s food. Anthony seemed like a great idea, young and talented. But Mexican food is not his medium. It didn’t make sense, for him or for us.”

When Pinot Brasserie opened in Indigo building space on July 21st 2010, I pointed out that the name, space, chef and restaurant group behind it all had such problems, I doubted the restaurant would survive. Despite changing chefs twice in the first five months in business, It didn’t.

The space sat vacant for some time, until Chris Israel, owner of the popular Grüner restaurant and KASK bar, partnered with the ChefStable investment group, which broke the overly large space into a smaller restaurant and a second, private dining room. It opened as Corazon in May 2012. Unfortunately, they quickly gained a reputation for so so quality food at high prices in a cold atmosphere. Now we can all start saying that the location is “cursed”.


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  1. Shonna says

    That is a huge bummer. I really liked that place, and it was always packed when I was there! Shocked and disappointed that it has already closed.

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