Fogo de Chão opens May 2nd

The Portland branch of Fogo de Chão (fo-go dèe shoun), the large southern Brazilian churrascaria chain, will open for dinner on Friday May 2nd in the old NikeTown space. The restaurant which has eight locations in Brazil and 23 around the United States, features gaucho servers patrolling the restaurant with an endless supply of grilled meat, and a red and green card you can flip to signal when you want to pause to catch your breath. The space provides seating for 250 diners, includes several private dining rooms, and a bar area. Available meats are usually lombo – pork loin, filet mignon, beef ancho – rib eye, picanha – tip sirloin, alcatra – top sirloin, fraldinha – bottom sirloin, costela – beef ribs, cordeiro – lamb, frango – chicken, costela de porco – pork ribs, and linguica – sausage. Tip for beginners: save the salad bar for the end.

Following the formula of such restaurants, the cost is Prix-fixe, but you can eat as much as you want. Lunch will be $29.50, with a $22.50 salad bar option. Dinner is $49.50 with the salad bar only option $26.50.

I have eaten at the Beverly Hills location several times, and have enjoyed my meals. I have to wonder how this is going to effect the aging Brazil Grill, a similar concept which is also downtown. As they haven’t done much over the years to keep things fresh and distinguish themselves, their traffic may be greatly reduced.

Fogo de Chão opens May 2nd at 930 SW 6th Ave. Portland




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  1. Elizabeth Rees Morgan says

    I’m looking forward to eating at the Fogo de Chao, but I need an address. Can you let me know what it is, please?

  2. says

    Glad to see Fogo is coming to town, While they’re not the best churrascaria I’ve been too they’ll suffice.

    Hopefully Brazil Grill will up their game a bit, it was cool when it was a new (to me) concept ten+ years ago.

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