Goodby Produce Row Cafe

Alan Davis, owner of the Produce Row Cafe, announced this morning that the cafe will close permanently tonight.

It is with a heavy heart that we close Produce Row today for an indefinite hiatus. We understand this is a surprise for many and please know that we could not be more grateful for all of your support over the last 40 years. Our hours today are 11AM-2AM and we hope you will come to celebrate the Row with us. A very special thank you to our amazing staff, who will be there all day to celebrate along with you! Please come by, we would love to see you!

The produce Row at 204 SE Oak Street has been serving Portland since 1974. It was the first restaurant opened by the McMenamin brothers. In 2010 it was re-imagined by current owner Alan Davis. I’ve always had a soft spot for the restaurant, especially the patio area. Best wishes to all of their employees. The whole inner eastside area is so hot right now, I have a feeling someone else will come along and open another restaurant in the space.

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    Food Dude!
    For the life of me I can not get my head around all of these perfectly good and successful places closing……so many of them.
    Is there a different approach nowadays? Don’t they want to make money? I know some would be illness,rent increases etc., but this is ridiculous. Produce Row has SO MUCH POTENTIAL. Are they going to bulldoze it to build another warehouse? I know I am a dinosaur, but 30-40 years ago none of this would even cross an owner’s mind.
    All the business is is renting seats. Assuming you have good food, booze and service, plus know how to do the books properly, one can make money. It ain;t rocket science. Many in the public think that it is a big deal to be a success, it really isn’t. Determination, tenacity, really liking people are the most important ingredients for this pot of soup.

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