Hale Pele Makes Thrillist’s Best Tiki Bar List

Portland’s own Hale Pele tiki bar has made the Thrillist list of the best tiki bars in the nation. Thrillist says, “Making up for its lack of soccer skills by transforming what looks like a strip-mall storefront into Portland’s tropical oasis — indoor river and all — Hale Pele’s extensive cocktail menu pays tribute to classic Tiki places with drinks from Don the Beachcomber, Trader Vic’s, and other godfathers of drink umbrellas. And lest you forget you’re in Portland, there are simulated rainstorms.”

If you haven’t been Hale Pele is a great place to hang out, learn about tiki drinks, and just have a good time. Owner Blair Reynolds makes the syrups from scratch (you can also buy them at Whole Foods, New Seasons). I’m partial to the Navy Grog – blend of aged rums and citrus lightly sweetened with honey; because of the name, the Missionary’s Downfall which is a 1937 ode to Don the Beachcomber – mint, peach, pineapple and light rum, and finally, the Painkiller – don’t ask, let’s just say it will fix your day.

I have fond memories of going to Don the Beachcomber in Los Angeles with my parents back in the day.

Hale Pele is at 2733 NE Broadway, Portland 97232

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  1. Andy says

    I went there last week fully expecting to dislike it just because I normally don’t really care for the fruity drinks or that sort of atmosphere. Blown away. Q.B. Cooler was my favorite, but everything ranged from good to great. It has definitely made me more interested in rum, even though it’s not my liquor of choice.

  2. Kate Y. says

    That second paragraph is crying out for a couple of well-placed semicolons, but danged if I can figure out where. Does “because of the name” refer to Navy Grog or to Missionary’s Downfall?

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