Jake’s Portland Vintage Menu – A Few Things Have Changed

Jake’s restaurant at 12th and Stark has come a long way. Here is the menu from the early days – I am not sure of the exact date. Click on the image to see them full size.


Jake's vintage menu

Jake's Vintage Menu

Jake's Portland vintage menu

Jake's Portland Vintage menu


These are from the LA Public Library collection.

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  1. MrDonutsu says

    Looking at the prices, I was going to guess mid-60s (even the burger is almost $2). The old-timey menu reminds me of Farrell’s, which first opened here in Portland in 1963, and the Old Spaghetti Factory which opened here in 1969, so that puts it right in that time period as well.

  2. says

    Thanks a bunch,Dude for the vintage Jake’s bill o’ fare.Brings back some memories. I always got the deep fried scallop basket,every time. I have one from the early 70’s that is very similar,graphics a bit different. The whole Jake’s history is a real piece of Portland lore. The part i like is how Bill McCormick ended up with it and also when Doug Schmick came to become his partner. Maybe not as interesting, from a historical angle, as the early history,but closer to today’s point of reference.

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