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Tasty n Alder Scheduled to Open Early 2013

Portland, Oregon (September 19th, 2012)–John Gorham announced today plans to expand his Tasty n Sons brand and open a downtown location called Tasty n Alder, located on the corner of Alder and S.W. 12th Ave. Since opening two years ago in North Portland on Williams Avenue, Tasty n Sons has become an iconic part of the Portland culinary scene, offering diners bold, delicious flavors, inventive cocktails and a casual, fun atmosphere centered around family style dining.

Gorham will move several key people from his other restaurants to open Tasty n Alder. Kyle Prewitt will lead the kitchen and bring many signature breakfast dishes such as Shakshuka Red Pepper & Tomato Stew with Baked Eggs and North African Sausage with Over Easy Egg, Couscous & Cauliflower to the new downtown location.

While the Tasty n Alder restaurant will maintain the popularity and focus on delicious breakfast foods found on the original Tasty n Sons brunch menu, the dinner menu at the new place will be a departure from the east side location. “We want to do steaks, chops and meats. Tasty n Alder will bring casual East side flavor to downtown,” comments Gorham. “The inspiration to have a steakhouse influence comes from my grandfather, who was of German descent. I have very fond memories of eating steak and drinking German beer while visiting him in Washington D.C. during my summers. Tasty n Alder’s steakhouse influence combined with a German beer program is a shout-out to my grandfather and a way to show his influence on me as a chef.”

Gorham expects Tasty n Alder to be open sometime early in 2013. The restaurant will serve brunch and dinner.

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Tasty n Sons is located at 3808 North Williams Avenue, Suite C, Portland, OR 97212. For information about Tasty n Sons visit their website here or call 503.621.1400. Follow Tasty n Sons on Facebook and Twitter.

John Gorham is the creative force and owner of Tasty n Sons and Toro Bravo in Portland, Oregon. Toro Bravo is an iconic Portland restaurant and has been fascinating diners with Spanish flavors since opening in 2007. In 2007 Portland Monthly Magazine declared John Gorham Chef of the Year and Willamette Week named Toro Bravo Restaurant of the Year.

Upon opening in 2009, Tasty n Sons launched onto the Portland food map as the go-to brunch experience. Tasty n Sons also offers a full dinner menu. Gorham is exercising his narrative muscle with an upcoming cookbook titled Toro Bravo Cookbook: The Making, Breaking and Riding of a Bull, which is slated to be released in the fall of 2013 and will be published by McSweeney’s Books. The cookbook, co-authored with Liz Crain, mixes Toro Bravo recipes with beautiful photos and essays about the inner workings of the classic NE Portland restaurant.

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  1. PDX2CDG says

    Since I’m a big fan of Tasty and Toro Bravo I for one will be happy to dine in my own backyard with this addition to the NW neighborhood.
    Thanks John!

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