John Gorham of Toro Bravo, Tasty n Sons Opening Next Restaurant

Toro Bravo Portland Basque Piperade

Basque Piperade with Duck Egg

Finally some news this week that is worth reporting! John Gorham is planning to open a restaurant at Northwest Flanders and 13th in the Pearl District space last occupied by Riffle NW. According to the Oregonian, the new restaurant will be called the Mediterranean Exploration Company, and will feature dishes from Israel, Greece, North Africa and Turkey. For those who are regulars at Tasty n Sons/Tasty n Alder or even Toro Bravo, the news that he is further exploring these cuisines will come as no surprise. One of the things that make John’s restaurants so interesting, is his foray into unexpected directions. The menus constantly surprise with Korean, Spanish, Italian, Israeli, Mexican foods and more. Some of the best dishes at the aforementioned restaurants are  North Africa Sausage with over easy egg, couscous and cauliflower, Shakshuka red pepper and tomato stew, and Sicilian Hash with braised pancetta.

You know the name will be shortened, so I will do it here first. Mediterranean Exploration Company, I dub thee MEC. Expect the restaurant to open in August.

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  1. PDX2FLR says

    Mecca… the Pearl. That’s great to hear since Tasty and Alder/Sons is always so jammed, Spreading the love sounds good to me.

  2. Jill-O says

    Over at it seems to have been dubbed MedExCo.

    Not a fan of the name either, but at least it isn’t an ampersandaurant.

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