More Information on Gallo Nero in the Elizabeth Bldg.


From one of the owners of Gallo Nero, which is going into the old Mr. Jolly’s/Nostro Cafe space at the Elizabeth condominiums in the Pearl District –

Thank you for the interest in Gallo Nero. I’m posting to give you information on what is happening in the old Mr. Jolly’s space (actually renamed Nostro Cafe most recently under the same ownership). I and my three partners will be opening Gallo Nero in late April of this year as Gallo Nero, LLC (Infusion Investment Group was the owner of Mr. Jolly’s and is not associated with the new restaurant).

Part-owner and chef Davide Filippini is from Florence, Italy and came to the Portland area in 2007. Davide did own and cook at a successful restaurant in Italy prior to coming to the U.S. and previously was the chef at Cafe Allora and Mr. Jolly’s/Nostro Cafe.

We do not have any connection to the Gallo Nero in NYC.

Davide will be offering authentic Tuscan dishes with a menu utilizing fresh local foods. The wine selection will be focused on northern Italian wines but will include wines from all over Italy.

Thank you again,

Randy Sasich, owner

Davide Filippini, owner and chef

Andrea Bartoloni, owner

Giacomo Rinaldi, owner

Furthermore, in a second email, owner Randy Sasich says,

We have hired Rick Potestio (most recent project he was involved with was the conversion of Bella Joya to Oven and Shaker in the Pearl District) to help with changing the interior. It will be much brighter inside in keeping with a Tuscan trattoria. Remodeling should start next week. We hope you come check Gallo Nero out when we open.

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