New Chef at Brasserie Montmarte – It’s a Guessing Game!

[Updated: Pascal Chureau, says he will be overseeing the restaurant, but won’t be “chef”. He’s “not leaving Allium”, but is “just overseeing the restaurant”. Michael Hanaghan, previously of Ten-01, will be head chef. Wasn’t that fun? Sometimes you just have to throw it out there and see what sticks.]

I’m hearing two strong rumors on the street about the new chef for Brasserie Montmarte. I’ll list them both, because I can’t confirm either one, but have heard from multiple sources that one or the other is “definitely the one”.

The first, is that chef Jake Martin is leaving French restaurant Fenouil in the Pearl District, for the Brasserie. Jake was previously chef at Carlyle, and moved to Fenouil in winter 2010.

The second, is that Pascal Chureau is leaving Allium for the Brasserie. I find this rather hard to swallow, because I’ve been told that he is one of the owners of Allium.

Maybe they are both going to the Brasserie. I’m so confused! Either way, it sounds like one of them is moving over there, and I’m sure I will get an angry letter from someone confirming/denying what I’m saying here, so take this with a grain of salt until you hear otherwise.

Your thoughts are welcome

  1. johnny says

    Has a Bill Hayden restaurant ever been successful in Portland? The list of failed restaurants is long including the Brassier back on 2007 before it even opened .

  2. Matt Maletis says

    Carl Coffman and Pascal Chureau are the partners in the group we sold the Brasserie to. They both have a great deal of passion for the project and are proud to turn the reigns over to them. I have confidence they will do a great job.

  3. Lur Kerr says

    my guess is that it will be Jake Martin heading the kitchen, Pascal Chureau as consulting chef, and that they bring back Ron Wolf from wine retirement at Lucier. Sounds like a Lucier re-grouping. If I’m right, it would be a great team.

    • glainie says

      Although I’ve heard that Jake Martin isn’t happy with his current digs, I find it highly unlikely that he would move to the Brasserie; it’s far too casual a concept for his style of cooking.

      FWIW, I wouldn’t be surprised to learn that he was approached about the idea. Personally, I don’t think the Brasserie is the type of place that needs a known chef. What it needs is an experienced operator, a good marketing plan, and free valet parking.

      • CO says

        now that we know Jake’s future at his current job, what do you think the chances he takes the Brasserie job!?
        This project sounds perfect, except for one glaring problem…..I wonder what it could be!? Let me see if I can “dream” up a “solution”. I will send you a “Bill” when I have figured it out.

  4. chambolle says

    I honestly don’t understand how anyone can seriously hire Bill Hayden to even consult on this (or any) place. Have many lives does he get? That is extremely careless.

  5. Amoureuse says

    I think Carl Coffman is the the guy who really owns the “the building” and the guy who was sellling the condos above the restaurant. I think he is the connection to Bill Hayden. Hayden’s ” Rabbi” is Ex- Oregon State Basketball legend Charlie Sitton. Sitton’s father-in law owns the dirt that is the Century Hotel and Hayden’s Lakeside restaurant in Tualitan. So the connection is in the real estate game. Although I cant imagine Pacal getting hooked up with Bill Hayden. Two guys in the business with two different culinary/restaurant concepts.
    Pascal ( despite his past with Lucier and Fenouil ) he must have some vision. I mean his Sous chefs or cooks from Lucier all do good jobs in town ( Jake, Krista, and Gabe ) so despite his not so great FOH skills, he can find good cooks. But Bill Hayden? his only claim to fame is he hired one of Gregg Higgins’ sous Chefs from the Heathman ( Matt ) to be his Chef at Hayden’s. It was a big deal back then, and they had success in Tualitan. Think of your food options by the Century Hotel ( FAST FOOD ) . But I cant see Hayden and Pascal working together.
    I can see Jake working for Pascal though. #1 he needs a job! ( BTW Dusssin just did not want to sign a new lease for Fenouil – thats why the quick closure.)
    The Brassiere is a beautiful but tough restaurant. I believe it is a 180 plus seat restaurant with the option for entertainment. “Back in the day” it was popular, but there were less options. Currently within a 8 block radius you have: Heathman, Nel Centro, Higgins, El Gaucho, Jakes Famous, Jakes Grill, Mortons, Violettta, and soon both the Ringside seafood concept, and Ruth Chris. Yeah I know! Heathman, Jakes Grill and Heathman are under the McCormick and Schmicks umbrella – but those three restaurants equate to over 20-25 million a year depending! Not including all the great choices in Portland surronding these restaurants. Differnet landscape in 2011. 180 seat venues are tough. Its a volume business! Can you do 350- 500 covers Thursday – Saturday? with at least 150 covers the rest of the week? I guarantee you that Jakes Crawfish on 12th and Stark Kills that cover count. They average 350 covers a night ( plus it is not cheap to eat there! ) Will Pascal and company find the right formula for that? We shall see proof is in the pudding!
    Tough busineess ask Matt Maletis ( good family, smart family ) or the Guys who own Pinot. Good luck to the new owners though, but Bill Hayden?????REALLY???

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