New Sick Leave Legislation – How Would You Deal With It?

Question MarkA reader asks, “I want to pose a question to the restaurant owners and managers that use your site. I am seeking advice. New legislation will very likely pass in 2014 requiring all businesses in Portland to provide accrued paid sick leave of up to 5 days each calendar year. This applies to all employees full and part time. Aside from the cost which is calculated at 1-2% of payroll, what ideas do managers have to¬†effectively¬†run their businesses once this takes affect?”

Good question. Anyone?

Your thoughts are welcome

  1. Ross Pullen says

    Having over 45 years in the business in one aspect or another, there seems to be only one solution and It’s application is the tough part. There has always been a pipeline of sharing with owners/managers for sources of labor; “Have you had a pretty good server that applied and you had to turn them down because all your shifts are full?…that sort of thing. It seems banding together is the only way to do it. Is it with a new phone app., one of the industry staffing firms filling the void or some other effort.????
    There is going to be a lot of overtime, I fear; and that means more labor on top of the sick leave costs.
    Some concentrated dialogue is in order.

    • Anony Mouse says

      Maybe this will *gasp* require business owners to treat their employee’s like people instead of rentable property. Instead of having a whole staff on 34 hours a week to deny them benefits, maybe now they’ll think about paying employee’s a living wage and not keeping things perpetually understaffed.

      Hopefully, next up is some reform with tip splitting/stealing.

      • Ross Pullen says

        Sorry, I was responding a few minutes ago and had a power outage.

        This is an important issue. Not just for employers and employees, but for the whole industry. Maybe a whole new approach is needed with a cooperative effort and ideas heretofore not tried. Putting blame and pointing fingers does not get the issues solved. A combined effort is what always works. Time, dedication and effort will bring a new day!

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