Oregon KFC May Have Served Rotten Chicken

I don’t think I’ve ever mentioned that my very first “food” job was working at what was then called “Kentucky Fried Chicken”. I lasted two weeks. The reason I left? Green chicken, just as described below. I just couldn’t deal with it. Haven’t been to a KFC since. Now the chain is being sued after “it might have been purposely serving the green, expired meat at an Oregon KFC!”

From Consumerist.com

According to the lawsuit filed yesterday in a state Circuit Court, KFC policy requires that all fresh chicken be served or discarded within 12 days of the “kill date” stamped on the box.

The lawsuit alleges that in 2010, a different manager had been ordered by the franchise owner to serve chicken that was “turning green and was several days beyond the expiration date.” Instead, that manager threw away the chicken, against orders of her bosses. After the owner discovered the chicken had been tossed away, that manager says she was fired.

The plaintiff in the lawsuit alleges that he was directed by the franchisee to serve expired chicken as early as August 2010.

In Feb. 2011, he says one of his bosses changed the label on a box of fresh chicken to make it look like the chicken had been shipped frozen and thawed, and thus okay to serve.

Soon after he voiced his objection, the plaintiff says he was accused of being insubordinate.

The lawsuit alleges that the franchise’s general manager resigned in April 2011 because “he could not stand serving rotten chicken to families anymore.”

According to the court records at CourthouseNews.com, The franchisee, GRAJA operates several KFC and Taco Bell fast food restaurants in Oregon. The plaintiff is suing for over $300,000.

Damn, maybe I will have some of that chicken after all!

You can read the rest of the story here.

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