Park Kitchen 10 Year Anniversary Party Benefits Chapman Elementary

It’s a slow food news week, but this caught my eye. A good dinner and a good cause!

Hello friends and family

As you may or may not know, Park Kitchen is celebrating 10 years of doing what we do best: cooking, eating, shaking, stirring, drinking, and smack talking.  To celebrate, we are throwing a one night only, high octane, Park Kitchen 10 Year Blow Out Bash for ourselves, our friends and our family.   We would love to have you to join the celebration.

Saturday November 2nd at 6 pm Park Kitchen will host a 7 course dinner. Each course will be created and executed by one of our beloved PK all stars who will then roast the life out of our fearless leader, the man who made it all happen, Scott Dolich.  With each course our esteemed league of returning mix masters will whip something up to pair. Don’t
worry, they get to roast too.  Because this is a celebration, we must have wine too.  Some of our favorite wineries that have seen us through good times and bad will be on hand, pouring their finest with each course.

Featured talents will include

Mix Masters:
Kevin Ludwig
Adam Robinson
Nate Smith
Mary Bartlett

Ethan Snyder- Park Kitchen
Ryan Mead- The Bent Brick
Jeff Reiter- BluePlate
Ashley Bisagna- Feastworks
John Stewart- Meat Cheese Bread
William Preisch- Holdfast Dining
John Slack- Graham Elliot
David Padberg- Raven and Rose
David Briggs- Xocolatl de David
Kevin Atchley- Pine State Biscuits
Steve Jones- Cheesebar

Patricia Green

In true Park Kitchen form we’ll be seating everyone in “cozy elegance” i.e. you will be partying hard with your neighbor. Seats are $225 all inclusive and all proceeds will be given
to Chapman Elementary. Call the restaurant at 503-223-7275 to make
your reservation, let us know whether you prefer a table or the bar
and we look very forward to celebrating with you!

Park Kitchen

422 NW 8th Ave
Portland, OR 97209
fax 503-223-7282

Your thoughts are welcome

  1. John says

    Yes, because we know that impoverished Chapman needs the money (as I donate an computer to Boise Eliot). $225. Really.

  2. josh says

    yep, how about you give the money to a school that could actually use it? like mill park elementary. chapman has so many donors its not even funny.

  3. Heather says

    Actually, schools in PPS like Chapman which raise over $10,000 a year are required to give a third of all the money they raise to All Hands Raised the PPS foundation. This money, plus additional money the foundation raises on its own is given to all the schools that are not able to raise significant money through fundraising to use as they’d like. So anyone going to this dinner IS raising money for Mill Park and Boise Elementary. If they can get $225 a ticket you should be cheering it.

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