Machado to Open Two More Restaurants


David Machado, owner of Nel Centro at the Hotel Modera will be running two more restaurants, both inside the Hotel Eastlund. Never heard of it? According to the Oregonian, the Red Lion Hotel near the convention center will be closing September 2nd, will reopen in 2014 after a complete gutting. When it reopens in May, … [Read more...]

Vindalho Indian Restaurant Closing Tonight

Vindalho thumb

Indian "spice route" restaurant, Vindalho at 2038 SE Clinton Street, is closing tonight. Vindalho was opened by restaurateur David Machado in 2005, at the time, his second restaurant. David Anderson, formerly from Cafe Lauro, moved to this location as the chef de cuisine, but left a few years ago to cook at Genoa. … [Read more...]

More March News for Portland Restaurants


I forgot this news - Trent Pierce of Fin fame has announced that he will be doing "sneak peek dinners" which will feature dishes from his "new seafood concept" which will open later this year. Trent Pierce and partner Benjamin Blank are looking for a space in the Pearl for the new place. I posted the press release a … [Read more...]

Old News?


Dovetail Bakery has opened at NE 31st and Alberta. I'm told they used to be be in the wholesale baking business in St. Johns. According to my source, they have good items.   I twittered last month about Chef Paul Hyman of Nel Centro getting the boot. Reviews around town have been mixed at best. The … [Read more...]

Food News for 3.3.09

Urban Wine Works, R.I.P. Another victim of the economy, they will be closing the doors and liquidating everything: inventory, fixtures, equipment, and wine. The sale is March 13th - 15th, 12:00 - 6:00. A strictly unconfirmed rumor going around; Genoa has sold, and may reopen under new owners. No idea what the … [Read more...]

Monday Interview: David Machado, Part II


[This is part two of an interview with David Machado of Vindalho and Lauro restaurants. You can find part one by clicking here.] So, a guy walks into a bar, and _________. While you can fill in the blank with any number of amnesiacs asking, "Do I come here often?" and baby seals ordering "anything but a Canadian … [Read more...]