Pix to Close N Williams and SE Division Locations, Open New

Amelie at Pix Patisserie. Big picture, because what good is a small dessert?

Cheryl Wakerhauser, owner of Pix Patisserie, has announced she will be closing both the SE Division and North Williams locations and moving to a new property owned by the company at 2225 E. Burnside. The move is expected in late August. Cheryl says

“The opportunity to purchase a building in the Kerns neighborhood arose in 2011 and the entire Pix team will be making 2225 E. Burnside their new home later this year! The new 3000 square foot Pix will still offer colorful macarons and late night desserts. But to complement the 150+ Grower Champagne and sparkling wine list we are heading over the Pyrenees to Spain. Bar Vivant will accompany the frenchie Pix on site as a proper tapas bar – where the Txakoli is poured high, the croquettes are cheap, and the napkins are thrown on the floor. In the summer months, patrons can spill out into the courtyard for a game of pétanque, an outdoor French flick or an afternoon plate of oysters with a bottle of Chartogne-Taillet Cuvée Fiacre 2002. We will be open until 2AM to fill your churro & chocolate cravings, offering musical entertainment several nights a week and continue to party it up with Bastille Day festivities, Gastronomical Trivia and a few Spanish themed events to boot (who wants to eat thick cut bloody steaks with tons of Basque cider?!)”

Not sure where the new address is? Here’s a map just for you.

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You can see her press release here.

Your thoughts are welcome

  1. Neil Thompson says

    Sounds like a raucous good time!! Tho the sie division location will be sorely missed. Here’s hoping the champagne markup will be reasonable… Cuvée Fiacre would normally run at least $120 at most restaurants. But basque cidre is always affordable, and txakoli from perron is doable! :-P

  2. Brenda says

    I live close to the Pix on Williams. This is very sad for me. There are not many good quality chocolate places in N. Portland. I like stopping at Pix on my way home, especially when biking on a warm day. I don’t want you to leave.

  3. Andrea says

    My neighborhood just keeps getting better and better! And what a nice change from that horrible Christian daycare that has been in that building for years. Congratulations!
    Now can we just get a family-friendly restaurant around there, please? I love me a wine bar, bar, brewery, etc. but since Taqueria Nueve closed there’s nothing very kid-tolerant around there. City State isn’t open nights, and it doesn’t really appeal anyway. And how many wings can one person eat? C’mon E. Burnside/28th – open a place with salads, burgers, tacos – something! We’ll be there.

  4. Andrea says

    Please note: I said kid-tolerant. I don’t need a Chuck E. Cheese. Just a place a family can go to with well-behaved kids that won’t run us $60. Ideally Amnesia Brewing would take over the BC Auto Body shop on E. Burnside and 27th & have a kid side and an adult side under the overhang. That would rule.

  5. sabes says

    That sucks. I wonder what will fill the niche on SE Division. There really are no late night dessert places in that area.

  6. Jill-O says

    Andrea, on the early side Eastburn would fit your description, also Ate-oh-ate. There’s a thai place in a house on Couch around 17th/18th I have never been to and a Mexican place on Burnside at 22nd. There may be more… You don’t say how many kids you have, but if there are 4 of you total, $60 is $15 each, and times being what they are, not a lot of places you can go to get a sit down dinner for that…especially in a fairly gentrified neighborhood. You have to drive for most of those places (Du’s up on Sandy is worth that drive for the cheap and yummy, btw ;o)

    Sorry to digress…Good for Pix, but sad for the two neighborhoods they are vacating. I liked that spot on SE Division, always a nice add on for dessert after dinner elsewhere. But I also went to Alder St. Pasrty (RIP), so I guess I can make the switch. I don’t go that often, so it’s not a big deal, but thank goodness there is still going to be a late night dessert spot.

    Guess on SE Division it’s going to be Pallino for gelato post dinner…

  7. theresa says

    In Ladd’s Addition, there’s a place called Palio that’s for really good cakes and, according to their website, open until 11pm. I overlooked Palio for years and just recently took a chance on it and have had late night cake and coffee there 3 times. It reminds me of a (very scaled down) B&O Espresso from my days in Seattle. It’s not as “hip” as Pix and I don’t know about dessert wines, but they have a good selection of layer cakes and good coffee.

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