Bluehour Closed for Lunch Friday After Fire


Bluehour is closed for lunch today after a fire Thursday night. According to owner Bruce Carey, bartender Steve Grimm suffered first and second degree burns. He is expected to be released from the hospital this afternoon. A statement from Carey - "Last evening at around 9:00 pm there was an accidental fire at … [Read more...]

Chef Thomas Boyce Out of Bluehour

From Portland Monthly, Chef Thomas Boyce "Leaves" Bluehour. Actually, it sounds more like he was shown the door. As of Tuesday, Boyce was out and Dolan Lane, chef at Clarklewis on SE Water Avenue, was in. Bluehour’s Bruce Carey and Joe Rogers own both restaurants. Boyce says he was taken completely by … [Read more...]

Lots of Old News and a Rare Mushroom Find!

There is a new chef at the Brasserie Montmartre. Chef Johnny Nudd will lead the kitchen beginning July 24th. From the press release - “Talented yet humble, and with experience in San Francisco, New York, and Europe, Chef Johnny is the kind of chef I like to collaborate with,” says Chureau, former chef-owner of … [Read more...]

Reader Survey 2012: Best Happy Hour

Tasty n Sons

For many people, happy hour comes down to what you get for your money, and not necessarily if the food is incredibly good. Let's face it, if you've had 2-3 drinks, the food won't be your primary focus. There were a lot of votes in this category, but so many places were nominated, only the first two had a large … [Read more...]

Thomas Boyce to Take the Helm at Bluehour

Back in July 2010, I reported on Kim and Thomas Boyce's move to Portland. Kim was baking for Ristretto Roasters, but Thomas hadn't decided what he wanted to do yet, and seemed happy for the time being making fillings for some of the baked items. Since then, Kim has won a James Beard award for her "Good to the Grain: … [Read more...]