Reader Survey 2015: Best Coffeehouse in Portland

Barista Coffee - Pearl District

The number of coffeehouses that have opened over the past few years made untangling the votes for Best Coffeehouse in Portland a challenge. We love our coffee, and judging by the comments, many of us have strong preferences about coffeehouses. For this survey I left out "Best Roaster" for another survey, because I … [Read more...]

Heart Coffee Roasters Opens SW Portland Location


Heart Roasters has opened a SW Portland location. It is hidden in a small space next to Gruner restaurant - I believe the share the same main entrance door. Once inside, it's a nice little spot - very industrial, but with weathered brick, some really comfortable chairs (I love that green color), and a few little … [Read more...]

Coffee Guide: Heart Coffee Roasters

Heart Coffee Roasters Portland Interior

Things you don’t need to know about Heart Coffee Roasters but I’m going to tell you anyway: Owner Wille Yli-Luoma is Finnish, and he’s a well-regarded pro-snowboarder. Why does this matter? It adds to the distinctive personality that is Heart Coffee. He has a Finnish sensibility around nature and science, combined with … [Read more...]

Survey 2011: Best Coffeehouse in Portland

Coffee Beans

Last year Stumptown Coffee Roasters won by a significant margin. This year, Barista Coffeehouse surged and came very close to tying their score, with only 1% of the vote separating them. When you factor in the number of Stumptown stores versus the two Barista locations, it's a pretty impressive showing. Ristretto … [Read more...]

The Best of Portland 2011!


Updated 4.29. Note - so many links in this original posts are now broken, I have removed the majority of them from this page so as not to waste your time. Here are the results from the our 2011 reader surveys. We had well over 1100 participants this year! A big thank you to all of our sponsors and participants! A … [Read more...]