Tasty n Alder Brunch Menu

The newly opened Tasty n Alder has their brunch menu up (not open yet for dinner). I'll be starting with the Bim Bap: Smaller Plates Chocolate Potato Doughnut with crème anglaise 1.5ea Baked Prunes with Taleggio​​ 6 Toast & Jam​​​ with teleme cheese 5 Kyle’s Housemade Granola​​ with cinnamon apples & sweet … [Read more...]

Tasty n Alder Opening Team


Announced by John Gorham via Facebook. A few notes first, "Chef Morgan", is Morgan Brownlow, who has gotten lots of attention from this site over the years. Bar manager "PM Bar Jamal" is Jamal Hassan, previously bar manager at OX/Whey Bar. Lots of behind the scenes gossip on his departure from OX having to do with … [Read more...]

Early Pictures: Tasty n Alder

Tasty n Sons

Ace photographer Tim Roth managed to get access to take photos of the new Tasty N Alder opening at 580 SW 12th (across from Grüner). Though the 2300 square foot space is still under construction, it is starting to take shape. They've got a nice flat top for searing, and a Chitwood grill that is gas fed to ceramic … [Read more...]

John Gorham Readies Toro Bravo Cookbook

John Gorham

John Gorham of Toro Bravo, Tasty N Son's and Interurban, is moving into a new venture with his first book, "The Making Breaking and Riding of a Bull". McSweeney's Press, publisher of Lucky Peach and The Mission Street Food cookbooks, has agreed to be the publisher. If all goes according to plan, it will hit the streets … [Read more...]