Tasty n Alder Brunch Menu

The newly opened Tasty n Alder has their brunch menu up (not open yet for dinner). I’ll be starting with the Bim Bap:

Smaller Plates

Chocolate Potato Doughnut with crème anglaise 1.5ea
Baked Prunes with Taleggio​​ 6
Toast & Jam​​​ with teleme cheese 5
Kyle’s Housemade Granola​​ with cinnamon apples & sweet lebneh 6 ​Orange Marmalade Sweet Muffin​ 4
Roasted Apple​ with bacon lardons & cheddar 5
House Cottage Cheese & Jam​ 6
Potatoes Bravas* ​​with over easy eggs & aioli 7
Bambino Plate with scrambled eggs, bacon, biscuit & heather’s honey butter ​​7
Simple Greens​​ 7
Glazed Yams with cumin-maple 5
Radicchio*​​​ with lardons, manchego & six minute eggs 9
Budapest Coffee Cake​ 6


The Boards

Steve’s Cheese ​​10
Josh’s Meat ​​​10
Fried Egg & Cheddar Biscuit ​with fried chicken, house bacon, or sausage 9
Steakhouse Sandwich Cascade Natural​​ smoked coppa steak, fried onions & horseradish 11
The Alder Burger* Cascade Natural​​​ chubut cheese & hazelnut romesco 11


Bigger Plates

Cast Iron Frittata ​with roasted red pepper, broccolini, caramelized onions, provolone & torn basil 9
Auntie Paula’s French Toast​ with apple maple & whipped cream 6/12
Tasso Hash​​ with onion sour cream & over easy egg 12
Duck…Duck….Steak! Niman Piedmontese​​ 16
​Fuhgettaboutit​ omelette with new york style sausage, peppers & onions, basil & italian cheeses 11
The Whole Toad​ baked egg bread pudding 10
​​​The Cowboy Breakfast Creekstone​ with baked beans, skirt steak & over easy eggs 15
Monte Cristo​​​​ 7
​Steak & Eggs ​Cascade Natural​​​​ ​with cornmeal pancake & jalapeno butter​ 12
Korean Fried Chicken​ with short grain rice, house kimchi & eggs two ways 10
​Bim Bop Bacon & Eggs ​11
Pork Schnitzel​ with over easy egg, ham, havarti & mustard braised cabbage 13
Polenta & Sugo​​​ with mozzarella & over easy egg 9
Grilled Romaine​​ with house cured chili anchovies 8
Flat Iron Washimi Wagyu​​ 15



The Seelbach Cocktail bourbon, combier, peychaud & angostura bitters, bubbles 9

Brandy Fizz applejack, pampelmousse, lemon, bubbles 8

The Chancellor gin, elderflower, lime, mint, bubbles 8

Kentucky Peach bourbon, combier peche, angostura bitters, lemon, bubbles 9

Elizabeth Taylor crème de violette, bubbles, toschi cherry 9



Tasty Mary vodka, tomato, worcestershire, horseradish, lemon, sriracha, celery salt rim, house pickles 8

Dim Summore vodka, hoisin, lime, sriracha, ginger 8

Cuate chili infused tequila, tomato, pimenton, calabrian chili 9

make it a midwestern plus a buck

add a jimmy plus a buck


*= raw egg used in preparation

Your thoughts are welcome

  1. MyNextMeal says

    I had the Bim Bop Bacon Eggs yesterday. It was delicious. Seriously yummy – the bacon wasn’t crispy bacon strips but the porky goodness that was in the bowl was wonderful. It’s served in a hot DOLSOT bowl. Which is my preferred style of bibimbap with lots of crispy rice bits. I think I could have used more red pepper heat, though. May ask the next time I go in.

  2. K & C says

    Had dinner there last night. It was the most confusing dinning experience I’ve had in years starting with walking into uneven floors, having to shout out over a mix of rap music and then 80’s tunes (which alone I like…but mixed together…set a weird vibe). Service good. Atmosphere…interesting. Very nice Northwest feel with exposed beams and high ceilings. But they must have started running low on cash because I’ve sit in nicer plastic chairs in my 3rd grader’s public school class. OK…onto the food. Let me start by saying nowhere do they advertise this as a tapas or family style place (at least not that I have ever heard about). What’s more the dishes are priced in line with full plate offerings…as opposed to the smaller plates that wound up coming out. For example…how do you split up a soup bowl that’s barely enough as an appetizer for one person? It really felt like they had just decided “that night” to try going “tapas” style, otherwise the plates are simply poorly proportioned. OK, now lets get to the MEAT of this place (which you can see them preparing raw right up against the side window…yuk said my wife). But being a meat lover, I was ok with the oddity of that scene and proceeded right in. The lamb was exceptional…what small amount there was. Flank…delicious…on my little plate. DO NO order the broccoli side unless you truly want to experience one of the most disgusting tasting things ever. There is simply no way to describe it other than it tasted like it was cooked by steam from burning (not cooking) steaks, with some strange seasonings embellishing the distaste even further. Will I go back….actually yes, but just for brunch based on friend’s good recommendation. But dropping $$ for the overall experience we had last night. Never again.

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