Goodbye Ten-01


It's no secret that I have always enjoyed pastry Chef Jeff McCarthy's work at Ten-01 (and now Tabla), but I have also enjoyed his blog, which is why it has always been one of the few on my links list. I was catching up on reading the other day, and came upon this post, which I thought was very poignant. It's about … [Read more...]

Ten01 Closed


Ten01 restaurant in the Pearl District has closed. Furniture is being removed, inside gutted. I remember when I went to the restaurant for the first time I was struck by the amount of money they must have spent in developing the space. Even the kitchen equipment was plentiful and pretty high-end. Though they opened … [Read more...]

Jack Yoss Thai Ribs Recipe

Ten 01 Jack Yoss Ribs

When Jack Yoss was chef of Ten 01, one of his most requested recipes was the Thai ribs, which were available in the bar. He was kind enough to send it to me, and several readers have thoroughly tested the instructions and cut it down from a restaurant-sized portion to one that is more manageable. The final result is … [Read more...]

Food News for 3.3.09

Urban Wine Works, R.I.P. Another victim of the economy, they will be closing the doors and liquidating everything: inventory, fixtures, equipment, and wine. The sale is March 13th - 15th, 12:00 - 6:00. A strictly unconfirmed rumor going around; Genoa has sold, and may reopen under new owners. No idea what the … [Read more...]

Food News

Apotheke No More? Rumor has it, that Andina has purchased the Apotheke space upstairs from the restaurant. Portland's only all neat bar, never seemed to take off. Maybe in a more sophisticated city. I am told they are looking for more line cooks, while they are building it out. A call to confirm the closure was … [Read more...]

Ten 01 Do-Over

Note: This restaurant is now closed We liked the bar food at Ten 01 just after it opened. The young and very talented chef hovered outside the kitchen, inspecting each dish for perfection. Truly, some of the best sliders we’ve ever had. But something went terribly wrong afterwards. The press a while later was almost … [Read more...]

We’re Number One! (And real news)

The Food Network just held their first, and hopefully last, awards show. What a horrible mess. I think so little of this type of thing, I wasn’t’ even going to lower myself to mentioning the awards, but then I saw the show, and like a rubbernecker at a particularly horrible car crash, I had to look. Here are the … [Read more...]

Anthony Bourdain On Whole Foods – And News

From a article, (you can read it here) Anthony Bourdain talking about Whole Foods. Interesting interview. I love Whole Foods talking about lobster and clam cruelty, when people are being fucked to death, kidnapped, starved, bombed. [The grocery chain recently stopped selling some live shellfish on the … [Read more...]