Portland’s Branch of Todai Closed

The rumor this morning, is that the Portland branch of the worldwide chain Todai has closed. The restaurant, on the top floor of Pioneer Square, was known for its buffet, which featured all you can eat sushi and rolls, as well as a huge selection of other Asian/Asian-fusion dishes.

Though it is a franchised chain, the restaurant was popular with many people, especially for the free birthday meals. This was such a big part of their business model, they asked everyone if it was their birthday when they came in the door.

Todai opened it’s Portland location in 2000 to long lines. However, the buzz had faded over time, the food had gone downhill and the closing was not much of a surprise. Calls to the restaurant have gone unanswered, and the website is gone. A handwritten sign on the door says they are closed.

Your thoughts are welcome

  1. EV1968 says

    Meh… I took my son there for his birthday in September and was very disappointed with the food. It used to be pretty decent for a chain when it first opened… but there was definitely a lack of care in what was being put out this last time. Not surprised.

  2. says

    The only reason I will miss this place is its usefulness in readily identifying which of my friends were not to be trusted when it comes to their opinions on food.

  3. phil says

    Very sad, I loved this restraunt, I can’t believe some people did not like it. But of course I’m the one that put it out of business! AT 6’5 280 solid pounds, I’d walk in an consume mass quantities of crab and only crab!! ummmmmm was it good

  4. Andy says

    That place was awesome back in the day. i agree it has declined a bit over time. The seafood island was worth it in itself. Todai in Psquare will be missed.

  5. Beth says

    I’m very disappointed it’s closed. We didn’t go often – only for birthdays, but I really enjoyed those occasions.

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