Reader Survey 2012: Best Bar in Portland

Teardrop Lounge

Teardrop Lounge

This survey question was for “Best Bar – Excluding Food”. Last year Teardrop Lounge was knocked off of its perch by Beaker & Flask, but it has regained its footing by a healthy margin. The Rum Club made a great showing for a new business.

686 votes were cast:

1. Teardrop Lounge  – 12% of the total vote. 1015 NW Everett St., Portland, OR 97209. Map (503) 445-8019

2. Rum Club – 9.3%. 720 SE Sandy Blvd., Portland, OR 97214. Map

3. Beaker & Flask – 8.7%. 727 Southeast Washington Street Portland, OR 97214.  Map  (503) 235-8180

4. Clyde Common – 5.8%. 1014 Southwest Stark Street Portland, OR 97205. Map (503) 228-3333

5. Mint/820 – 3.2%. 816 North Russell Street Portland, OR 97227. Map (503) 284-5518

6. Secret Society  – 2.9%. 116 Northeast Russell Street Portland, OR 97212. Map (503) 493-3600

7. Kask 20 2.9%. 1215 Southwest Alder Street Portland, OR 97205. Map (503) 241-7163

8. Interuban – 1.8%. 4057 North Mississippi Ave., Portland, OR 97227.  Map (503) 284-6669

9. Kir Wine Bar – 1.8%. 22 Northeast 7th Avenue Portland, OR 97232. Map (503) 232-3063

My favorite – Teardrop Lounge. My last few visits have been excellent. 2nd, Beaker & Flask. Not a fan of Rum Club. That being said, on sunny afternoons I will drop by 820 to sit on their excellent patio. Secret Society is a good place to take friends, and Kir Wine Bar is my favorite place to get a nice glass of wine. Geeze, I sound like a lush.

You can see all the Reader Survey 2012 winners here.

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Your thoughts are welcome

  1. jimster says

    Beaker would be my pick. Strong cocktails, decent wine program and the food is very good (even with the departure of Ben Bettinger). Rum Club is more of a later night spot and therefore it’s utility is a lot less (to me anyways). I like Teardrop a lot but it can be a little too scene driven sometimes for my tastes. Kask is fun unless you have to sit in the chairs that are only 1 foot tall.

  2. K says

    I’m pretty surprised that The Driftwood Room didn’t get any accolades. Mike is by far the best cocktail palate and mixologist I have encountered in PDX to date!!!

  3. David Harding says

    While I agree that many of the bars listed are amazing, and I frequent several of them, the best is the Driftwood Room, and it didn’t even get a mention. Not a very good list, unless you are catering only to the hipster crowd….

  4. Kim says

    Food Dude – what’s the reason for not being a fan of Rum Club. With the ‘Bones’ PR you said you’ve been, you liked it & now you don’t.

    • says

      I tend to like places where I can carry on a conversation. Every time I’ve been there the volume has been so loud we had to yell. I thought the drinks were just… ok.

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